This week has been so exciting! So many things happening in our group and in the whole day care! The highlight of this week of course was our photo shooting on Tuesday. Children were really exited presenting their favorites outfits for such a special occasion and they also did great waiting for their turns. We can’t wait to see the results soon 😊 

Our theme this week was “farm animals”, so we started with “Old McDonald has a farm” book and song. We learnt a lot about animals which live on a farm! We practiced their names and their sounds. This time our arts and crafts was a team project consisting of creating our own Maxis-Farm. Children colored and cut different animals, a farm and Mr. McDonald and it is now displayed on our wall. Thursday, we continued with our music class and on Friday was time to catch up and talk about social skills with the help of flash cards. Maxis got to choose which actions are good manners or bad manners. We made promises that we will keep the good manners like sharing, using polite words, playing with everybody, no one is left out.  



This week started off with a stroll in the woods as we walked to Palolampi and explored the area. Blueberries, in particular, were explored in minute detail on their journey from the bush to the children’s tummies. Our outdoor learning in the yard comprised of honing our teamwork skills, aided by a huge parachute and dozens of balls flying all over the place! We have continued to reinforce the yard games we have been learning and introduced a few new ones. The emphasis on these games has been to familiarise the children with each other to encourage inclusivity within the group. We went on another bear hunt around the yard and discovered that the small playhouse is indeed big enough for 15 children to pretend that it is a cave and squeeze themselves inside it.  This week we have sung songs daily, as per usual, but added a dance session for the children to express themselves through movement. We had a variety of music styles for the children to listen to and let them move however they felt appropriate. We went to the nearby woods again to collect material for an autumn craft and found Stick Man! (A book by Julia Donaldson which the children are familiar with.) The question is, can we use him in our craft or would he prefer to go back to his Stick family. Some of the children felt strongly that he does not want to be glued into our craft project, so an alternative solution had to be found to unite him with his family. We will keep you posted… 

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 


Hello lovely preschool families! What a busy week we have had! 😊 We have continued our space theme this week discovering more about space rockets and astronauts. On Monday we became astronauts and found out what hard work they do when they train. 😊 We explored balance, ball handling skills and counting skills. 😊 Tuesday bought photo day, it was lovely to see all our preschoolers dressed up and ready to say “Cheese”. 😊 In the afternoon, we celebrated one preschooler birthday and then we had a team meeting to decide what questions about space we want to explore next! We decided that next week we have a few more questions about space rockets and then we will move onto exploring robots in space. 😊 The preschoolers were very interested to learn about different animals that have been in space on Wednesday, and we explored 10 astronaut animals. Did you know that the first animals in space were fruit flies? We decided to start writing a shared story together about one of those animals (a round worm named Roundy) and his adventures in space. 😊 In the afternoon, we explored the letter D and finished our space shuttles from last week. Instead of exploring how rockets work, on Thursday, we decided that it would be good to finish our story about Roundy the round worm. It was great to complete our first shared story to put in our library. During the year we will complete more of these stories together and hopefully have enough so that everyone can take one home at the end of Preschool. 😊 Thursday afternoon is math time and this time we were talking about shapes. We reinforced ideas about sides and corners and talked about different names of shapes. Friday morning bought questions about how astronauts eat in space. Using a computer, we typed in different questions about food in space and watched some videos showing astronauts preparing and eating food and drink in the International Space Station. We then decided what types of food we would like to eat if we were in space, thinking carefully about choosing foods from the 5 main food groups. The afternoon saw us pull out our Bluebox to play Bluebox games. Next week, we have a special football week in Ankkalamppi. On Monday and Tuesday, we will continue to follow our current space topic but then for the rest of the week we will focus on all things football. 😊 I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week for another busy week. 😊  


NEXT WEEK: 12.-16.9.2022 



Mon: Introduction of forest animals 

Tue: arts and crafts 

Wed: P.E. Football Day (outdoor training) 

Thu: Football practice and music class 

Fri: Catch up and free play 



Mon: Football drills in the yard 

Tue: Football themed craft 

Wed: Football team skills 

Thu: Fine motor skills 

Fri: Hansavalkama football pitch, leaving the day care at 9:00. The children need to bring a water bottle. 



Mon: How do rockets work?/Finnish class 

Tue: What is life like on the International Space Station/Letter E day 

Wed: Football teamwork day 

Thu: Football drills day/Math describe a scene day 

Fri: Football tournament day (at Hansavalkama football pitch, leaving at 9:00. The children need to bring a water bottle.)/Bluebox games. 


Greetings from everyone here at Kauppamäki!