WEEKLY LETTER      21/2023 


It has been a busy week, full of excitement and joy. 

This week It was all about rehearsal which we had every morning. The children were really putting a big effort into the practice of singing and dancing for the summer show. “Practice makes perfect”. Yes, we are so proud of our children for their perfect performance! It was such a pleasure to watch them on the stage showing their skills with enjoyment and confidence. 

Although it was a super busy week, we still managed to find time for our fine motor skills practice. The children were encouraged to express themselves by drawing summer related items on a big piece of paper, where they drew some cute pictures after they did much thinking of how they feel and what they like about summer. 

Friday, without thinking of rehearsal and the summer show, we had a very relaxing trip to Palttina, where we had a great time playing with the new toys that were provided. 

Have a lovely weekend! 



The show must go on, and on it went. It was fabulous that the children were able to sing and dance freely and not feel under pressure. There is always a kind of magic when they suddenly are faced with an audience and then, in a flash, it’s over and another one bites the dust. The children have made a breakthru with their creative suggestions to be part of our show, to which we were able to encourage them by saying I want it all and thus out their ideas flow with the rapidity of a bicycle race. Though you may think I’m going slightly mad and that perhaps I want to break free. I just wished to be a little bohemian. Rhapsody fills us all when the sun shines and we have one vision, that we will rock you.

I hope you will agree after seeing our show that we are the champions. 



Hello Lovely Preschool Families. 😊 What an amazing week we have had. I am so proud of all the Preschoolers and the amazing work they did to put together our Summer Show. 😊 I want to say a big thank you for the lovely preschool present, I am really touched by the Preschooler’s beautiful words. I am really going to miss the children, but I am also excited to see where their educational journey takes them next. 😊

This week was mostly taken up with Summer Show practice, but we still managed to get some Preschool classes in. This week, we managed to finish our Preschool Math Program, looking at both measurement and number lines during our math classes. We also turned our attention to all things to do with school. We reflected on how preschool went this year and then found out different details about our new schools. We also managed to fit in a Toy Day. We finished our busy week with a very relaxed colouring pages afternoon on Friday.

Next week, we have a few special activities to celebrate our last Preschool week. 😊 Next Thursday, the Preschoolers have asked for a bicycle day. If your child wants, they may bring their bicycle to Preschool (or for example, a scooter). We will be riding the bicycles at the local park so please remember their helmet and lock. If your child does not want to bring a bicycle, they do not need to. On Friday, we will have our Preschool Party. The Preschoolers have decided that as part of this they want to have a Toy Day. Please remember that the Toy needs to be appropriate for Preschool and fit inside their bag.  

I hope that you have a lovely weekend and are as excited as me to come back for our last Preschool week! 😊  





Mon: Story time 

Tue:  Craft 

Wed: Music 

Thu: Trip Day 

Fri: Toy Day 



Mon: Craft 

Tue: Library trip (Leaving 9am) 

Wed: Treasure chests 

Thu: Maths 

Fri: Palolampi trip 



Mon: How do we get to school?(Leaving 9am)/Finnish Class 

Tue: Trip to the library (Leaving 9am)/Summer Writing 

Wed: Surprise Craft 

Thu: Bicycle Day/Mystery Math Day 

Fri: Preschool Party!/Bluebox Games 



Wednesday 14th of June, Ankkalampi Olympics Day