WEEKLY LETTER      20/2023 


The start of the week was very unusual and exciting- Monday morning we went to the theater! Children really loved the play; ice cream after the performance was also a great idea 😊 For Crafty Tuesday, we decided to make very cute butterflies. Maxis discovered that if we paint one side of a butterfly and then fold it, then it’ll print out on the other side as well! On Wednesday, we stayed outside the whole morning and played different physical games all together, we did a lot of running and played with balls. We rounded up this short week by doing summer show rehearsal and planting carrots and sunflowers on Friday. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 



With an engaging and inspiring trip to the theater, not to mention a certain song contest, the children have been cha-cha-cha-ing their way through the week. We revisited our happy pairs maths and played some dice games. We continued with our stop motion Masterpiece and finally got round to planting something delicious, which we hope to Harvest in the Autumn. It will be our pleasure to present for you our lovely summer concert next week. We hope you like it! 



Hello Lovely Preschool Families! 😊 I hope you had a lovely day off on Thursday and got to have some time in the lovely sunshine. This week the preschool had a lot of trips. Our first trip, on Monday, was to the theater. It was funny to see Mr. Hakkarainen get up to his old sleep walking Tricks and Delicious to have an ice cream treat in the Sunshine afterwards. 😊

Our next trip was an important trip to see inside the Classroom at Hansa Kallio School. For those children who visited, it was a chance to see what the school looked like and to find out what goes on inside the classroom. 😊For those who are going to a different school, they joined the Viskari class for an extra Ladybird addition lesson. In the afternoon, all Preschoolers came back together for a math lesson on numbers 9 and 10. Our third trip, was to celebrate the end of our transport unit. We had been invited to a real racing car driver’s house to see a real racing car. It was super exciting to visit Riku’s house and hear from him (and his dad) about all things connected to Kart Racing. It was especially exciting to hear what sound the engine made when they turned it on! 😊

This week we have also been focusing on our Summer Show and preparing for our performance next week. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday morning, we took time to run through and perfect our songs, dances and poems. Friday was also a day for us to get out into the garden. We refreshed the soil in our planter boxes and planted out Sunflowers and carrots. It will be interesting to see them start to grow and find out how to take care of them. 😊 Next week, we will turn our attention to getting ready for school and continuing to practice for our Summer Show. We are really looking forward to showing it to you. 😊  

PS- Next Wednesday we will have a Toy Day. Please make sure the toy is suitable for kindergarten and can fit inside your child’s backpack. Thank you.





Mon: Rehearsal 

Support: Rehearsal; Drawing session 

Wed: Rehearsal; Story time 

Thu: Rehearsal; Yoga 

Fri: Trip Day 



Mon: Show rehearsals 

Support: Show rehearsals/Games 

Wed: Show rehearsals/Toy day 

Thu: Possibly starting a new craft project 

Fri: Trip to the local football pitch 



Mon: Summer Show Practice/Math Measurement Day 

Support: Summer Show Practice/Let’s Get Ready For School 

Wed: Summer Show Practice and Toy Day/Let’s Get Ready For School 

Thu: Let’s Get Ready For School/Math Numberline Day 

Fri: Let’s Get Ready For School/BLuebox Games 



Thursday 25 th May – Spring Party at 4 p.m