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MINIS’ last week

The Minis practiced their fine motor skills actively this week. By building, playing with Multilinks and Hamabeads, they really got to concentrate and practice their skills.  During arts and crafts the minis got the chance to do some painting. On Tuesday we had muskari as usual, and in the end of the week we had a very nice Valentine´s day party.

Minis’ next week:

15.2 Leikki- ja kulttuuripäivä / Play and culture day

16.2 Muskari / Music class

17.2 Pulkkailua mikäli sää sallii / Sledding if weather allows

18.2 Retkipäivä  / Trip day

19.2 Storytime

MIDIS AND MAXIS last week:

The Midi-Maxi ducks enjoyed a trip around Africa by boat this time! We arrived in Morocco first, South-Africa next for a safari and last, but not least: Madagascar. Where we learned more about vanilla plants. We had a some very exciting trips exploring a new Ankkalampi unit in Kauniainen. The children enjoyed the big open spaces where they could get rid of all their energy while jumping on the trampolines and crawling through the tunnels. We all look forward to some more trips there!

Midi-Maxis next week:

15.2 Travel around North America in the new unit

16.2 Muskari and Viskari

17.2 Arts and crafts

18.2 P.E. in the new unit

19.2 Park day