Viikokirje / Weekly Letter 23/2022


‘Here comes the sun’…..summer may have started slowly but thankfully it is finally here and that has meant we have been able to spend most of the week outside. We visited one of our old favourite parks this week, Viiri, it was nice to be there for probably the first time this season. We also spent time in Kone park and did a little music and movement too. The highlight of the week though was a trip to Korkeasaari Zoo. It was a long day with a lot of walking, but we saw some amazing animals, including monkeys, eagles and lions.

MINIEN JA MIDIEN suunnitelmat viikolle 24 / MINIS’ AND MIDIS’ plans for week 24:

MON 13.6       Kid’s Choice

TUE  14.6      Annka-Olympics in own yard

WED 15.6       Park Morning

THU  16.6      Metsänuppuset forest trip, please bring small snack – We leave at 9am

FRI    17.6      Arts and Crafts


MAXIEN JA VISKARIEN suunnitelmat viikolle 24 / MAXIS AND VISKARIS plans for week 24:

MON 13.6       Kid’s Choice

TUE  14.6       Ankka-Olympics in Kulosaari – WE LEAVE AT 815AM

WED 15.6       Park Morning

THU  16.6       Metsämörri forest trip, please bring small snack – We leave at 9am 

FRI    17.6       Arts and Crafts


Muuta huomioitavaa/Other important information:

  • Puhelinnumeromme: p.050-400 8254 & p.050-462 7943.
  • Our phone numbers: p.050-400 8254 & p.050-462 7943.


Mukavaa viikonloppua & Have a nice weekend!  

Munkkiniemen Ankkalammen henkilökunta-staff