This week was full of Christmas-inspired activities as Christmas holiday is just around the corner. Children´s faces were full of excitement when they baked gingerbread cookies while listening to Christmas songs. A Christmas-themed multi-sensory activity was organized during our group´s Christmas Party. The little ones smelled and named some spices, tasted the gingerbread cookies and plum marmalade (luumumarmeladi), touched by their playful little fingers through zipped bags filled with gel and different objects, and were playing guessing game to recognize the sound produced by different things related to Christmas. A delicious Christmas lunch was served and enjoyed by everyone.
Children took part and enjoyed making a simple presentation for their families.



Ma-ke: Ulkoilua ja lasten valitsemia leikkejä
Mon-Wed: Outdoor play & children´s choice activities


Ihanaa ja rentouttavaa joulunaikaa kaikille!  / Wonderful and relaxing Christmas time to all!


Töölön Minien henkilökunta / Töölö Minis staff