MIDIT: Christmas is approaching, and all our activities are now related to this time of the year! The week has started with an exciting Christmas party, we were very happy with the performance result, our duckies did a great job singing after the past practice days! Also, it was nice to see so many families keen on spending time together, taking fun photos and making a creative Christmas tree collage as well! On Tuesday we had a nice walking trip with the maxis around the area where we took special attention to the Christmas windows and decorations, children have also shared their experiences, thoughts & impressions and we stopped by a near adventure park to practice our gross motor skills together! On Wednesday we made beautiful Christmas trees through colourful papers and glitter, and they are now decorating our lovely room. The week has continued with an active indoors circuit where midis have practiced their body balance, maths skills and jumping with one foot and both feet together. We also made a bells arts activity, all with a Christmassy music in the background for sure! On Friday we made a list wish for Santa Claus. Midis looked at different toys’ magazines and through a cutting practice they cut and paste their favourite wishes. After that we have also had a nice chat about the quality time importance with our families for Christmas. It is important to remember that it is not all about toys!


MAXIT: The week began with the Christmas Party in the afternoon, how nice it was to have nearly all the children present to sing to the parents. We had a lovely time and we also in the morning managed to finish decorating the Christmas bells for the children to take home. The Christmas tree collage was also finished during the party and we would like to thank all who contributed. It is now proudly displayed in the Day Care and you can also see it on the Facebook page.

We had the walking trip to the adventure playground behind Herttoniemenrannan Primary School on Tuesday where the children thoroughly enjoyed the obstacle course.

On Wednesday the children created and decorated Christmas hats for the Christmas lunch. We all enjoyed a traditional Finnish Christmas dinner and listened and sang some Christmas songs in both Finnish and English.

Thursday and Friday we had the usual literacy and numeracy lessons for Preschool and Viskarit. The focus for preschool was measure estimations using informal objects in both English and Finnish whilst the Viskari continued with numeracy activities from 11-20 and Repeating pattern activities in English.


Ensi viikolla:


MON 20.12. Arts & Craft (X-mas balls decoration)

TUE 21.12. X-mas story / X-mas memory

WED 22.12. Outdoor sports (X-mas theme)

THU 23.12. Disco (welcoming X-mas’ holidays)




Week 20 -23.12.21: As it is the last week before Christmas we will plant to do some various Christmas art activities with the Children. The week will also include the walk and Preschool and Viskarit lessons.



Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

Marta, Veera, Rolando, Trystan ja Titti

MIDIT: 050 401 9229

MAXIT: 050 523 9066 hranta@ankkalampi-ankdammen.fi