KAPTEENIEN viikko on ollut täynnä jouluisia aktiviteetteja. Aloitimme viikkomme kädentaitojen parissa, jolloin viimeistelimme jouluaskartelumme sekä pääsimme hiomaan hienomotorisia taitojamme erilaisten rakentelujen parissa. Tiistaina iloitsimme musiikkituokiosta, erityisesti laulut: ”Tonttujen jouluyö” sekä ”Petteri Punakuono” saivat Kapteenit tanssimaan ja laulamaan innoissaan. Tip tap, tip tap! Unohtamatta tietysti ”Tonttulan aamujumppaa”, jonka esitimme joulujuhlavideolla. Keskiviikkona vietimme Kipparien sekä Seilorien tapaan joulujuhlaa päiväkodilla. Kuvasimme myös juhlatunnelmaa kotiin perheille ihasteltavaksi. Torstaina nautimme joululounasta sekä suuntasimme retkelle Esplanadin puistoon. Upeat porovalot sekä punainen reki keskellä puistoa olivat ehdottomasti retken kohokohtia. Päätimme viikkomme leipomalla herkullisia pipareita sekä tarttuen mikkiin, Open Micin rytmeissä. Myös joulukalenterin avaaminen on ollut Kapteeneista erityisen kivaa ja jännittävää. Montako luukkua onkaan enää jäljellä?


THE SKIPPERS week has again been full of fun christmas activities. On Wednesday we filmed our christmas celebration video. The skippers had a lot of fun practicing to sing jingle bells in English and in Finnish, along with playing instuments of their own choice. on Friday, we made gingerbreads! The skippers noticed the delicious scent the kindergarten was filled with while the gingerbreads were baking in the oven. As always, we ended the week with our favourite open mic.


SAILORS – In our group’s joyful and festive atmosphere this week, we enjoyed again ourselves in creatively baking and decorating new-styled gingerbread cookies in the forms of for example unicorn, llama and map of Finland, as well as traditional heart, star, snowman, Christmas tree, squirrel, moose, family and Dalecarlian Horse. Certainly we packed all of them home to share with siblings, mom and dad! After happily consuming a big amount of Christmas lunch including ham, turkey, totatoes, carrot and swede casseroles and plum kissel and bravely tasting the mustard sauce and Rosolli Salad, we smashed our beautiful gingerbread house in turn and shared the sweet “ruins” with the Skippers and Captains! All though the week, we had received many heart-warming letters, lovely postcards, amazing photos and adorable presents from our loving families for the entire group as a part of our daily Christmas Calendar event. Many thanks to all of our parents from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our education and group spirit! We chose 3 Christmas songs to rehearse and perform for the Christmas Celebration, and each time we made it together in a very creative and bold way, so no one was frightened by the video shooting. Instead with Christmassy props, we all performed in our best natural ways, sang those 3 long songs loudly without extra background audio, and most importantly gained very positive stage experience. On our last group trip of this semester, we the muddiest tourists of the whole town went to greet Amanda, Mr. Runeberg, the reindeer in the City Centre lit with countless lights. The Elf Tag and Santa Claus Limbo were played as our favourite Christmas games. Before each friend went for their Christmas holiday, we gave her / him a big group hug and wished one another a healthy and merry Christmas! It has been a wonderful semester in which we have grown, developed and learnt so very much together as an awesome group! See you next year!



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