Viikkokirje 50 / Weekly letter 50

The week has started with an exciting walking trip around Vallila area in order to see different Christmas decoration in the balconies & we have shared own experiences based on that all the way long. On Tuesday we made interesting Santa Claus cards cutting, pasting, and writing our most wished toys and we also had a chat to remind the importance of being nice to deserve it! The week has continued with our weekly music session where we practiced some Christmas songs and coloring different Christmassy pictures, such as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gingerbread cookies, Christmas socks and reindeers. Our duckies loved them! On Thursday we had a Christmassy story time about elves and the week finished baking loooots of gingerbread cookies together!

Next week plan:

Next week brings the Christmas holidays a bit closer, so our idea is to have everyday different activities related to this festivity, such as arts, baking treats & singing some Xmas songs together. That is the reason why we are not going to have a very tight plan, so children are able to choose everyday their favorite plan.


Have a nice weekend! Mukavaa viikonloppua!

Marta, Nasra, Maija & Sofia