Minis last week:

This week we started with a wonderful story about a mouse going on a plane trip. Our duckies took the chance to tell us if they have been on an airplane before and where they went.
As Father’s Day is just around the corner, we already started with some crafts which we know, all dads will love! surprise surprise!
On Wednesday it was the highlight of the week… we all were so excited about this year photo shoot! All kids were very brave and got great pictures! We are sure parents can’t wait to see them 😊.
On Thursday we had one of the kid’s favourite activities: muskari! As always, our nap room turned into a singing and dancing paradise! And on Friday we had some physical activity consisting of jumping, running and crawling; all of this with the help of flash cards which showed the kids what they were supposed to do. They had great fun! Another activity we have had the last days, as we have had quite a lot of rain this week, was jumping in muddy puddles in our yard! Kids love it! Looking forward to another great week and more surprises!

Minis next week:
08.11. Story time
09.11. Crafts day
10.11. Music class
11.11. Trip day and Father’s Day celebration in the afternoon 15.30-16.30
12.11 Feelings and emotions

Midi-Maxis last week:
This week we have started the” Under the sea” filming process. Children really enjoyed the process especially with their costumes and swimming gears on. We have done the dancing part, the story part. There will be more gymnastic part filming needs to be done next Monday or Tuesday. Viskari learned number 8 and letter D this week. Muskari went well as normal. We had a very good photo day, all groups are quite brave with the photographer, there should be a lot of good photos coming. On Friday we did more indoor obstacle course, bowling, and yoga (comic kids yoga under the sea). Everybody had a good workout and fun.

Midi-Maxis next week:
Mo 8.11 Recording day of our musical /Art & Craft for Father’s day
Tu 9.11: Recording day of our musical /Art & Craft for Father’s day
We 10.11 Muskari + Viskari
Thu 11.11 Baking and Father’s day event in the afternoon
Fri 12.11: Phyical educaiton

Autumn greetings,
The Kauniainen team