Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                09.8.-13.8.2021

Viikkokirje 32



Our little duckies are gradually going back to our daily routines. We started the week off playing some more with our friends and enjoying the weather. On Tuesday, we read a story with Maija, some of our little duckies are still learning the art of listening to stories and being patient not to turn to the next page while someone is still reading it. On Wednesday, we had an outdoor game to practice our motor skills. Half of our Minis can follow simple instructions given to them, while half of them is still enjoying every minute of just being outdoor in the sun. We practiced our shape, picture and color recognition on Thursday and noticed that most of our Minis can easily do puzzles weather it’s different colours, shapes or pictures to put together in place. We had free play on Friday and Minis were able to take out anything form our toy box and play to their hearts’ content! This week was a good warm-up as next week, we will be starting our normal routines and meet a couple of new friends that will be an addition to our Minis group! Welcome! We hope to be making lots of fun memories and sharing toys and laughter with you! Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monkey Monday!




Our first week back in our usually weekly rhythm started very nicely. Monday was a day for sports and games in outdoor PE. After a thorough warm up where everyone could choose one exercise to show to everyone, three different games were played practising their team skills and how to follow instructions. There was lots of running and laughs involved. Tuesday was our traditional trip day to the park by the sea. A little reminder on how to walk nicely in line on the streets and fun play time was guaranteed. Wednesday was a bit more serious as we looked into the topic of stress management and emotions in our story time moment. A lovely book walked us through these big topics and helped us to identify several emotions. Thursday was our very own inhouse music lesson where we wiggled our tails to some fun music. Followed by closing our eyes and listening to different music styles and imaging together with the music. Some kids saw bright colors, some birds and butterflies – music can really bring us to magic places. Friday was time to put those little hands to work on arts and crafts and this week we attempted our very first auto portrait. Everybody identified the color of their eyes and hair and tried to draw an image closest to their own. You can find the portraits at the entrance, can you spot which one is your child´s? See you all next week!



16.08    Ma/ Mon – Play Day/ Leikkipäivä

17.08  Ti/ Tue – Story Day/ Satutuokio

18.08  Ke/ Wed – Arts & Crafts/ Askartelu

19.08  To/ Thu – Building/Connecting games

20.08  Pe/ Fri – P.E./ Liikunta




16.08    Ma/ Monday – PE

17.08  Ti/ Tue – Trip Day (we are leaving at 9:30)

18.08  Ke/ Wed – Story Day

19.08  To/ Thu – Music Day

20.08  Pe/ Fri – Arts and Crafts


Viikko-ohjelma voi muuttua tarvittaessa. Weekly schedule can change if needed.

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