A warm welcome back to the start of a new season at Ankkalampi!  We hope you have had a lovely break, enjoying great weather and family time. We also hope that your little duckies are looking forward to an exciting return to Ankkalampi with new and existing friendships ahead!  This week we have enjoyed taking some time to get to know each other with our new teacher Lili. The children have excitedly told us about the lovely things they enjoyed doing with their families during the break. We have had a small group this week in the class, which has given us the opportunity to play games and have fun together.  We have enjoyed board games, checkers, and dancing together!  We have also enjoyed our outside time and taken our first trip to Temple park. We look forward to next week when we welcome more children into our group!


It’s great having you back returning duckies and a warm welcome to the new member of our Midi-Maxis group! We hope you have had a wonderful summer break. This week has been organized to create a safe and friendly learning environment for the children to get to know each other, develop friendship, and find common interest through play. The children shared funny and lovely stories about their summer adventures. We have had fun playing different construction games, cars, home play, and table activities. We have spent longer outdoor play in Peikko park and had our first visit to Temppeliaukio park. Also, we listened/learned some new songs: Bee bee bumblebee (attendance song for the morning circle), Hello hello (morning greetings), and Superman (action song). Different activities/programs and English club begin next week. A great weekend to all!



Mon/Ma: Koko ryhmän kanssa hauskoja tutustumisleikkejä/With whole group fun games to get to know each other

Tue/Ti: Viskarit: Arts and crafts/Askartelua Mestarit: Väriläiskä-askartelua/Paint spot-craft

Wed/Ke: Viskarit: Lautapelejä/Board games Mestarit: Esiopetus alkaa/Preschool starts

Thu/To: Koko ryhmän retki Töölönlahdelle/Whole group´s trip to Töölönlahti
Fri/Pe: Koko ryhmän yhteiset liikuntaleikit/ Whole group physical education games


Mon/Ma: Story time/Tarinatuokio

Tue/Ti: Maxis: Self-portrait/Omakuva / Midis: Fine motor skills guided activity/Hieno motoriikka harjoituksia

Wed/Ke: Trip to the climbing park next to Oodi/Retki Oodin kiipeilypuistoon

Thu/To: Outdoor gym – Hobbies Name Game (getting to know each other)/Ulkoliikuntaa, tutustumisleikkejä

Fri/Pe: Play day – Construction games/Leikkipäivä, rakennusleikkejä


Ankkalampi-Duckies Töölön tiimi