Koska tehdään taas lumiukkoja, kun maassa on lunta ja pakkasta… No tietenkin talvella!

MIDIT: Our week began with winter themed handicrafts. The children cut up mitten-shaped pieces from multicoloured pieces of paper, decorated them, and hung them up as decorations in the classroom. We went on a lovely walk where we admired the snowy view, while identifying different colours and shapes that we saw along the way. The highlight of the children’s day was spotting and hearing a large snowplough pass by. There was so much snow this week, so we built castles, cakes, and ice cream out of snow. Playtime was filled with joy and laughter when sliding down the hill in our playground. The children learnt the importance of sharing since there were not enough sleds for everyone. We were also reminded not to throw snow at each other for our safety. Our week ended with an English music circle.

MAXIT: This week we started off with two activities that all of the children had their turn to do. One activity was indoor gym, this time a custom version of the classic game ‘Twister’ with coloured hands and feet on the floor that the children had to place their own hands and feet onto along with instructions from Pati. The difference in Pati’s version of the game was the inclusion of teamwork to replace the usual competitive style. The game is very good for practising balance, colours, teamplay and spatial awareness. Steve took the children for a maths game where there was always two groups of tennis balls that we first looked at before hiding them and trying to add together the two numbers to find out how many are hiding altogether. We kept it simple and fun and even practised some catching in between new sums. On Tuesday we had Viskari for our older Maxis where they explored mixing colours with Tiina using watercolour paints and practised making words with the letter ‘E’ with Pati before playing some Alias. The younger Maxis joined with the Midis for a short while to have an English storybook and group play. On Wednesday the children had music school again with Ulla, nice to have her back! On Thursday we stayed close to home for our trip as there was some new features on our sliding area in the yard and the kids were extremely excited to slide there. On Friday we had a music circle together with some English songs.

MESTARIT: Tällä viikolla olemme keskittyneet kirjojen maailmaan. Mestarit esittelivät lempikirjansa ja lempisivunsa kirjoistansa. Ehdimme lukea monen monta kirjaa, esimerkiksi Tatun ja Patun maailma tuli monella tavalla tutuksi. Lisäksi olemme keskustelleet paljon sanoista ja harjoittaneet äännetietoisuutta tunnistamalla pitkiä ja lyhyitä vokaaleja. Matematiikan maailmassa askartelimme lukumäärä-bussin ja etsimme erilaisia lukumääriä ympäristöstämme (katossa neljä samanlaista lamppua, ikkunalaudalla kuusi ankkaa).

Lisäksi olemme leikkineet lumella, kasanneet lunta kasoihin, tehneet lumipalloja ja yrittäneet saada lumihiutaleen osumaan kielelle. Ja yrittäneet olla syömättä lunta (aikuisilta onnistuukin jo hienosti). Viikko päättyi yhteiseen englanninkieliseen lauluhetkeen.


Ensi viikolla:


MON 25.1. Kädentaitoja

TUE 26.1. Retki, lähtö 9:30

WED 27.1. Muskari

THU 28.1. Jumppa

FRI 29.1. Musiikki-piiri


MON 25.1. Indoor gym in two groups with different games.

TUE 26.1. VISKARI-kerho.

WED 27.1. MUSKARI with Ulla

THU 28.1. TRIP (Bring your own sled if you want to! We leave at 9:30)

FRI 29.1. Music circle


MON 25.1 Talviuni-askartelu

TUE 26.1 Mestarituokio

WED 27.1. Talviuni-askartelu jatkuu

THU 28.1. Mestarituokio

FRI 29.1. Musiikki-piiri


Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta ja hyvää viikonloppua toivottaen,

Riikka, Steve, Mira, Pati, Marizen ja Tiina

MIDIT & MAXIT: 050 401 9229

MESTARIT: 050 523 9066