The Midis had so much fun under the sun! We spent as much time as we can outside and enjoyed the lovely weather. The children also learned to calm down and relax through various focus activities. We had animal yoga and breathing exercises to support better concentration and relaxation. In arts and crafts, we organized ice cream making and designing for the children. We also learned and associated colours to different objects around us. The trip to Oodi Climbing Park was fantastic and this time, the little fellas became interested in marathon and arranged their own running game around the park. A great weekend to all!


The summer is here, and we are happy! The sweet Maxis were little scientists this week again and answered the challenge of the “Emotions” experiment excellent. Doing emotional skills development related activities through play is the natural way that children learn describing basic feelings like sad, happy, angry, and excited, understand and relate how others are feeling as well, show affection and know how to respond properly. We used the sunny weather for having a trip to the climbing park in Oodi, where they enjoyed. As it was voted that the most favourite berry to most of the Maxis is strawberry, we crafted our own. And we did have outdoor gym as the weather served us well, where the little ones have chosen their most favourite gym challenges and games, so we performed those in Nervanderin park. We shall end this week with interactive dancing, memory game and relaxing. Have a lovely weekend!



Dear families, I hope you are all well and finally enjoying the sunny warmer days. Here, in the daycare, although it was a quiet week, we had so much fun by spending longer outdoor playing time outside. The Viskarit and the Mestarit had a two-day Lego Master construction gamedays where they built whatever came to their minds. They built from small houses to train tracks. We ended our week by having a football match competition. Beforehand they had football coaching where the children practiced their passes, fakes, dribbling and of course their kicks. The game was in Väinämöinen Sports field and the coach was Claudio. Friday was another day of adventure to Lastenlehdon puisto and boardgames where they learned and played.




Mon/Ma: Music drawing & social skills practice

Tue/Ti: Mindfulness scavenger hunt

Wed/Ke: Rule games

Thu/To: Trip to Hesperian Park leaving 9:30

Fri/Pe: Toy Day (kids’ choice)



Mon/Ma: Free play trough music, and free play outdoors.

Tue/Ti: Outdoors free play, constructed free play indoors.

Wed/Ke: Free theme drawing trough listening to English summer children songs, free play indoors and outdoors.

Thu/To: Circle of challenges play trough Nutcracker suite, free play.

Fri/Pe:  Toy Day, Yoga and free play with their own toys.



Mon/Ma  V&M Outdoor play

Tue/Ti: Duck Olympics, leaving at 8:30!/Ankka Olympialaiset, lähtö klo.8:30!

Wed/Ke: Trip to the Newspaper museum, leaving 9:30/Retki Päivälehden museoon, lähtö 9:30

Thu/To: V&M Outdoor play

Fri/Pe: V&M Outdoor play


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