From a lovely summer-like weather to a muddy rainy day, the fun went on! The Midis practiced teamwork and us-spirit by creating music/sound and singing together using different body parts. They also had a calming spring drawing whilst listening to Vivaldi classical music. The children had so much fun at Hesperian Park and wished to go back for longer play time. We organized a simple football game for them, where we focused on kicking and stopping the ball. At the end of the week, we practiced sharing and interaction skills while playing with the toys children brought from home.



A short but sweet week for the sweet Maxis. They were eager to start learning how to spell the names of their friends in English and by pointing the letters separately on the given alphabet board. The little scientists again faced a new challenge / experiment, that they cleverly solved. The excitement grows before the spring party on Thursday, and it is known that Maxis like to party! Our hope is that the weather shall offer its mercy and we shall be able to surprise the parents with our sweet performance, rather, in the yard of the National Museum. We shall end this week with playing, singing and drawing spring themed drawings.



Tämä lyhyt, mutta ytimekäs viikko vierähti alkuun jopa polttavasta auringosta nauttien ja nyt loppuviikko toikin tullessaan virkistävät sateet ja vesileikit. Tällä viikolla olemme Viskareiden kanssa tehneet kesäisiä askarteluita, ja Mestarit ovat taas viimeistelleen viimeisiä sivujaan Seikkailujen Eskari-kirjastaan.




Mon/Ma: Rule games & social skills practice

Tue/Ti: Car-themed arts

Wed/Ke: Ball games

Thu/To: Trip to the National Museum yard & Spring Party!

Fri/Pe: Toy Day (kids’ choice)



Mon/Ma: Science Day

Tue/Ti: National Museum’s Park rehearsal, leaving at 09:30.

Wed/Ke: Arts and Crafts, indoor gym.

Thu/To: Spring Party at 16:00! Final rehearsal in the National Museum’s Park.

Fri/Pe: Toy’s Day – describing the toys, and telling a story inspired by them.



Mon/Ma: VISKARIT: Musiikkituokio/Music session MESTARIT: Matematiikka/Math

Tue/Ti: Kenraaliharjoituksen Kansallismuseon pihalla, lähtö päiväkodilta klo.9:30/Final practise in the National Museum yard, leaving from the daycare at 9:30.

Wed/Ke: VISKARIT: Lasten valitsemat pelit/Children´s choice of games MESTARIT: Kengännauhat/Shoelaces

Thu/To: Aamulla juhlavalmisteluita, iltapäivällä Kevätjuhlat/During morning some party preparations, during afternoon Spring Party

Fri/Pe: Lasten toivepäivä > leivontaa/Children´s choice of activities > baking


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