MIDIT – MAXIT: This week has been unfortunately different than usual for sure, less children at the daycare and more flexibility with our schedules and activities. Also because of that we have been combining both groups together almost all the time. On one side, we have continued with the theme Arctic and Polar regions and finished the animal landscape wall display. We discussed how the animals keep warm in the winter and the task was to differentiate twelve different animals into three groups: fat, fur or feather. The numeracy task was to count the animals they saw on the display and then add two different group of animals to create a total. They then went on to complete the task independently using cubes to help with the addition. Also, during the week children created some lovely “Hamma Beads” displays of Polar and Arctic animals. Remember to look at the pictures Facebook page.

On the other side, we had spent long time outdoors enjoying the rest of the snow and having fun while sledging with our friends. It required a good body balance and movements control & children seem to be experts! They were very happy and we took very nice pictures too!

Finally, we have finished the week with the exciting toy day where children have presented their favourite toys and worked on their social skills through sharing and playing together. Also, a Friday doesn´t feel the same without music, so we ended up having a little disco to welcome the weekend!

The preschool group studied the letter “L” in both Finnish and English and also started to learn about the environment and the importance of recycling.


Ensi viikolla:


 Monday, 17: Arts & craft (polar bear project – part 1)

 Tuesday, 18: Sports (indoors circuit) / birthday celebration disco

 Wednesday, 19: Muskari

 Thursday, 20: Outdoor activities (“bear sleeps” game)

 Friday, 21: Play dough (making arctic animals)



 Monday, 17: Sewing outline of Polar Bear on card

 Tuesday, 18: Walking trip with sports skills

 Wednesday, 19: Music and Science – What Polar and Arctic animals eat

 Thursday, 20: Preschool Finnish / Viskari English Literacy

 Friday, 21: Preschool:100 days of preschool (English) / Viskari: English numeracy



Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

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MAXIT: 050 523 9066 hranta@ankkalampi-ankdammen.fi