The week has started with a party mood! Last Sunday was Ankkalampi’s birthday, so on Monday we had a nice celebration together where we talked about the daycare, sang the “happy birthday” both in English & in Finnish and also the “five little ducks” song. On Tuesday we came back to the viskari sessions and this time our duckies had to put their logic in practice while finding the correct shapes to get different full circles. They were happy to go back with the daily routine! The rest of the group had fun crafts and made colorful fireworks for the new year. The week has continued with the weekly music session, although still online. The teacher welcomed them once again and they had lots of dynamics and games referring to their Christmas gifts & holidays. Very exciting for everyone! At that point the weather has surprised us with lots of snow and cold outdoors, so we have limited quite a lot the time playing outside, but the older children still had the chance to have a peaceful walk on Thursday morning around the daycare & also playing time with the snow for a while. Snowballs, snowmen, and igloos were the protagonists these days! Finally, the week has finished with an active indoors circuit where children were able to practice their gross motor skills while jumping, throwing, and keeping their own balance & also we enjoyed baking home made bread in small groups. The end of this week has been so yummy!


Minien suunnitelmat ensi viikolle / Minis’ plan for next week:

Ma/Mon: Satutuokio / Story time

Ti/Tue: Käden taidot: maalaus / Arts and crafts: painting

Ke/Wed: Muskari 10:00-10:30 / Music lesson 10:00-10:30

To/Thu: Liikuntaa / Sports

Pe/Fri: Vapaata leikkiä / Free play


Maxien suunnitelmat ensi viikolle / Maxis’ plan for next week:

Ma/Mon: Lumiukko-askartelu / Snowman crafts

Ti/Tue: Viskari / Viskari

Ke/Wed: Muskari 10:30-11:15 / Music lesson 10:30-11:15

To/Thu: Liikuntaa: rentoutumisharjoituksia / Relaxation movements

Pe/Fri: Lautapelit / Board games



Titti, Marta, Nasra and Maija