Our shorter post-Vappu week in Minis was started on tuesday with a visit from Simon the shrimp. Simon brought with him a story about a princess and the pea. We also played a fun game with Simon – everyone picked a color block from a basket, then picked a corresponding colorful ball from another and practiced throwing it in a third basket. In addition to teaching the kids identifying colors in English, this game teaches how to take action in a sequence and target practice. This week we have also practiced fine motor skills by building with colorful Centiblock. These small blocks are great for practicing using our fingers and creating different color combinations. Continuing our Marine-themed spring, on wednesday we sat down together to learn about octopi! We heard a Paw Patrol story about a baby octopus and learned about different kinds of octopi – how exciting those 8-legged creatures are! The weather was a bit chillier on thursday but we headed to Tervasaari on our trip anyway. Its always fun to observe the cars, boats, dogs,  plants and all the aspects of city life on our trips.  In tervasaari we got to try a bigger slide as well as some swings. It even started snowing  a bit on our way back –  springtime is full of surprises! On friday it was time for an Ankkalampi classic – open mic! The songs of choice this week were Metrolla Mummolaan, Käy Muumilaaksoon, Pienet kultakalat and Baby shark.


So, after celebrating Vappu back to normality and Midis continue were they left off. This month of May is book month in which Midis will bring every Tuesday their own favorite book so we can read together and discuss the story afterwards. This is part of the training given to Midis to respect books and handle them with care. Keeping in mind also that when reading the story focus and calmness come into practice ones again. This month we will be celebrating Mother’s Day and Midis have been doing something special to their Mum’s. Unfortunately, music was cancelled due to unforeseen matters and the usual Midis trip has been postponed. This month of May we have a few special trips for Midis in which more information will be given later during the month. Creative Arts day Midis made some Spring art and of course free play, micplay” pretend singing” and board games took place during this week. Midis are still practicing teamwork, listening, helping others and respect oneself and others. These are social skills that needs to be reminded to all Midis and to understand the whole concept behind each skill that is practiced, talked about, and making use also of the skill. Ending the week with some outdoor activities and own toy day.


We started our week in Maxis by making nice trip to Oodi library where we had nice time with reading and loaning books. We loaned many books about insects which seem to be now the biggest interest in our group! During the whole week we have been exploring the world of insects from the books and also in our park. Theme of gymnastics this month is about mathematic skills. Kids are learning numbers and to recognize them through games like bowling, Fireball: number edition among other games. On Wednesday’s smallgroup project for the rest of the Maxis we learned some letters, gategorized differend themed pictures and played Alias. Through this game kids will learn synonyms and opposites. These kind of games make good base for learning to read. Also on our Viskari class we had games with letters. Kids practiced to regognize the first letter of the word adult said and then pointed that letter. Viskari’s had also task to draw their own portrait and when they were finished we compared those to the ones we made in last august. It was amazing to see how much all Viskari’s have developed in drawing in one year! They were so proud of their skills. On Friday we had arts and crafts where we chose our favourite picture of the books we loaned from Oodi and painted those. Now we have beautiful bug & summer themed art on our wall to feel a bit more springish on these cold days!






Ma 08.05 – Muskari 9.30

Ti 09.05  – Simon the Shrimp

Ke 10.05 – Minis own Eurovision


Pe 12.05 – Gymnastics



Ma 08.05 Social skills/Muskari @10:30

Ti 09.05 Own book day!

Ke 10.05 Trip of the week and watercolour art


Pe 12.05 Yoga and own toy day!



Ma 08.05 Muskari & Smallgroup activities

Ti 09.05 Nature trip. We leave at 9.30

Ke 10.05 SAARISEIKKAILU! We leave 8.45 from daycare.

To 11.05 Mother’s Day Celebration

Pe 12.05 Arts and crafts



Iloista viikonloppua kaikille!

Kruununhaan Ankkalammen aikuiset


Have a nice weekend!

The Staff of Kruununhaka Ankkalampi-Duckies