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Viikkokirje WEEKLY LETTER 17/2021

MIDIS AND MAXIS last week:

The Midi-Maxi ducks enjoyed the Vappu masks craft idea, very skilfully cutting and colouring has been exercised. We also painted some lovely pinecone flowers. Of course, the most popular Vappu party went nicely with a lot of singing and dancing, children also enjoyed the munkki and sima. Viskari continued learning alphabets N,O and number 3 tracing. Hauskaa vappua!

Midi-Maxis next week:

3.5. Mother’s day Arts and Crafts

4.5 Muskari and Viskari

5.5 Mother’s day Arts and Crafts

6.5 Trip day

7.5 P.E

Minis’ – Midis’ last week

Vappu week was so much fun here in Ankkalampi! Midis got inspired by the story “The balloon with a face”, so we decided to draw faces on our vappu balloons as well! Minit made some balloons from card instead. We all enjoyed muskari, a trip to turtle park and of course the party on Thursday. Iloista vappua!

Minis – Midis next week:

3.5 Leikkipäivä / Play Day

4.5 Muskari / Music class

5.5 Askartelua / Arts’n’crafts

6.5 Äitienpäivä – Retkipäivä / Mother’s Day – Trip Day

7.5 Satutuokio / Story time