The week started on Tuesday after a long weekend. We hope that you all had some time to relax and spend time with family and friends. We began the week practicing words and letters. The preschool group had their Finnish lesson with Titti and practiced the letter ‘Ö’ whilst the Viskari group played memory games using word and picture cards to practice English Spring Vocabulary.

On Wednesday both groups had their music lesson, the Viskari practiced rhythm using various percussion instruments whilst Eskari continued practicing the Ukulele. Both groups also practiced some fine motor skills that involved colouring and cutting various shapes to stick on a spring themed landscape.

On Thursday the children visited Tuorinniemi Park to practice dribbling a ball with a hockey stick between cones and they also had some free time in the park to exercise on the various climbing equipment.

We finished the week with the Preschool children practicing the letter ‘O’ in English and both groups practiced numbers playing the game ‘Snakes and ladders’ in small groups. During Friday the children also had time to play with their toys during the indoors free play time.


Next week´s plan:

MON 25.04: Vappu Crafts – Disco Masks

TUE 26.04: Walking trip to Tuorinniemi Park to practice ball skills – Passing and throwing

WED 27.04: Music Lesson and Spring theme/ Science activity – Spring Bug hunt using magnifying equipment

THU 28.04: Preschool Finnish and Viskari English Literacy (Spring words Bingo)

FRI 29.04: Vappu common party with midis /Vappu Crafts



Leaving Easter in our backs, the week has started remembering our holidays plans and expressing to our friends what we all did during the Easter break. Afterwards, our duckies had to choose their favourite plan and drew it on a paper where we also wrote a little description to save in their folders and remember later their best activities. On Wednesday we had the weekly music session and children enjoyed playing a variety of spring games about sun, birds, and ants. They also had fun dynamics about musicality rhythms and beats. On Thursday we had a wonderful walking trip to Tuorinniemi forest, and we were surprised by an amazing sunshine outdoors. We had a little picnic where we could enjoy eating some popcorn and drinking berry juice, we had a science activity to observe different spring signs through loupes (flowers, ants, cones of pines) and we also stopped to play at the area´s playground. Children really enjoyed the trip, and we will for sure repeat it during the upcoming weeks with yummy ice-creams during summertime!

The week has finished with a farewell for our lovely student Emmi, who has finished her training with us. Emmi organized a variety of activities to do with the children as her last day and we all had so much fun together! Also the week has finished with a disco as a perfect way to thank Emmi for all her help and also for welcoming the weekend!


Next week´s plan:

MON 25.04. Arts (Vappu hats / masks)

TUE 26.04. Walking trip (leaving at 9.30am)

WED 27.04. Music class

THU 28.04. Arts (Vappu hats / masks)

FRI 29.04. Vappu common party with maxis



Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

Marta, Trystan, Johanna, Andrea, Senja, Mae ja Titti

MIDIT: 050 401 9229

MAXIT: 050 523 9066