Minis’ – Midis’ last week

Hola! This week Minis and Midis traveled in Spain. We discovered Spain’s unique and beautiful culture. We learned how to count number in Spanish from uno, dos, tres, cuatro and cinco. The minis made a garland or banderitas in Spanish with Spain’s flag colors of red and yellow where we practiced using scissors to develop their fine motors skills. The midis got to practice their fine motor skills also through cutting and folding  papers and explored their creativity by decorating pericon. It is a Spanish dance hand fans which is used to express emotions in different performances like flamenco and ballet. The midis performed a mini show for the minis where they danced flamenco using their handmade pericon fans. Everyone enjoyed the performance and were amazed with Spain’s unique music. We also got to taste Spain’s famous dessert, crema catalana and tortilla for snack which the kid’s enjoyed for its rich flavor and taste. We are excited which country we are heading next. Adios!

Minis – Midis next week:

19.4 Leikkipäivä / Play day

20.4 Muskari / Music class

21.4 Jumppaa / Gym

22.4 Retki Päivä / Trip Day

23.4 Satutuokio / Story Time

Midi-Maxis’ last week:

The Midi-Maxis are half way their performing arts project and it starts to look great. We already recorded The Wizard of Oz, were all children participated. It was a bit exciting to be recorded while saying their English lines. But we are very proud of the children’s enthousiasm and dedication. Meanwhile we keep on practicing for the Mary Poppins video. This video will consist of singing, dancing, acting and gymnastics. Please remember to bring some 1910’s or clown’s inspired clothes or accessories, that the children can wear while we record the Mary Poppins video.

Midi-Maxi’s next week:

19.4 Performing arts

20.4 Muskari / Viskari

21.4 Performing arts

22.4 Trip to the park

23.4 Physical education