This week has been short, but still full of fun and activities. We started off with Easter story, practiced our listening and speaking skills. On Tuesday we decorated eggs by coloring them using different patterns, sponges and paint. Wednesday was a trip day, we went to Puuhkalakinpuisto, played football, rode horses like real cowboys, played hide and seek, found plenty of lady bugs. On the way there and back Maxis did a good job walking in line, crossing a road, listening to instructions. We are so proud! Finally, Thursday we had such a long-awaited Easter egg hunt! They were hidden everywhere in the daycare! Inside every egg there were also lots of stickers! The surprises didn’t stop there, Easter bunny thoughtfully prepared a chocolate egg for each child! Yummy!  

Happy Easter! Enjoy this mini vacation! See you next week! 😊  


Had we not finished, there would have been a bunch of headless chickens running around. 

At last we succeeded   

Pääsiäinen is soon here 

Yes, therefore we had an Easter Egg Hunt! 

Everyone found eggs 

All around the building 

Some have still not been found 

They may or may not be found some day 

Everyone was sad to say goodbye to M 

Rest well this Easter, one and all! 


Hello Lovely Preschool Families. It has been lovely to see all the lovely Easter excitement this week! We started our week with our Viskari friends. We took the train together and went to the library at Sello. It was fun to see lots of new books and to find information on our new topic. Tuesday’s activity was very secret and we will need to wait until Mother’s Day to find out what it was. 😊 In the afternoon, we practiced some very tricky Easter writing and even needed to match the same words together. On Wednesday, we had a secret, surprise scavenger hunt! The Preschoolers needed to find letters spelling out the word “Easter Egg”. Then they needed to make their own Easter Egg from Hamabeads. Thursday was our official Easter Egg Hunt and it went off with a bang. 😊 All the groups came together and worked as a team to find the very many Easter Eggs hidden around the päiväkoti. In the afternoon, we continued our Easter theme with some Easter Math. We made Easter Eggs with our Geoboards and then practiced some addition with a colour by number.  

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter break! Enjoy the sunshine! 😊  




Mon: Daycare closed 

Tue:  Story time 

Wed: Craft 

Thu: Trip Day 

Fri: Music and dancing 



Mon: Daycare closed

Tue: Games 

Wed: Palolampi trip 

Thu: PE 

Fri: Music 



Mon: Päiväkoti closed for Easter 

Tue: How are cars made?/Letter X Day 

Wed: Trip to Palolampi (Leaving 9am)/Social Skills Day 

Thu: Strange Cars Day/Math Number 6 

Fri: Spring Party Practice/Bluebox Games 



Wednesday 10th of May – Mother’s Day Celebration at 16.00 

Thursday 25th of May –Springparty at 16.00 


Best regards,

The Kauppamäki team