“Virvon varvon tuoreeks terveeks tulevaks vuodeks. Vitsa sulle, palkka mulle”

We had high hopes for spring, we got rain, melting snow, and mud instead! That did not stop us from having fun though. This week has been all about Easter preparation. We decorated our Easter branches “vitsat” without using the traditional branches considering possible allergies. Small branches from the bushes at the park were rather used. We had a trip to Temppeliaukio Church for the Easter mass, where we learned traditional ways of celebrating Easter including songs and tales for children. In physical education, we practiced proper ball throwing and catching in pairs. The children also enjoyed our English club, where we learned animal names and sounds through listening activity and guessing games. On Wednesday 13.4 next week, the children are welcome to wear something with yellow or Easter related costume. A lovely weekend to all!



The weather was not working in our favor but that did prevent us from having another exciting week. We started to prepare for one of the most interesting holidays, Easter, which also adorns the beginning of the season with the happiest colors- spring! Inspired by that, the little scientist made an experiment, nevertheless, a climbing rainbow! The skillful little hands decorated the spring baskets, with beautiful flowers. They have also overcome, in the proud to be manner, the circle of challenges which this week required, good team cooperation, where the communication, the will to offer and accept help from a friend and the ability to appreciate it made all obstacles easy for the little Maxis. With each brainstorming together they learn how to build positive approach caring for each other, communication, and self-esteem in addition to building healthy and long-term relationships in terms of friends. Of course, we enjoyed Gym time, where with the self-tagging.



A super fun beginning of the week. Our duckies practiced their motor skills and teamwork, by making use of the “parachute” in the outdoor play. In addition, they planted the seeds for their own “easter grass”.

Tuesday had a quite artistic vibe since our duckies had their “muskari” session and worked in the easter arts and crafts. On Wednesday, the whole group had an interesting trip to The Winter Garden (Talvipuutarha), where they had the chance to interact directly with nature and close the journey with a tasty “trip snack”.

On Thursday, our duckies had an interesting trip as well, this time our destination was the Temppeliaukio church and children’s Easter event. We closed the week on Friday with fairy tales (animals) for our Viskarit and math for our Master Ducks (seasons and weekdays).




Mon/Ma: Music session & Animal stories

Tue/Ti: Trip to Hesperian Park leaving from the daycare at 9:30

Wed/Ke: Easter Celebration

Thu/To: Animal walks at the National Museum Yard

Fri/Pe: Daycare Closed



Mon/Ma: Muskari + Science

Tue/Ti: Trip day to the Natural History Museum (Luonnontieteellinen museo) – We leave at 09:30

Wed/Ke: Easter art painting

Thu/To: Inside gym

Fri/Pe: Daycare Closed



Mon/Ma: Group 1/Ryhmä 1: P.E. Precision games with balls/ Liikunta: Monipuolisia pallonhallinta harjoituksia Group 2/Ryhmä 2: Musiikkituokio/Music session

Tue/Ti: Whole group trip to the Opera, leaving at 9:/Koko ryhmän retki Oopperaan

Wed/Ke: VISKARIT: Easter crafts/Pääsiäisaskarteluja MESTARIT: Easter crafts/Pääsiäisaskarteluja Thu/To: VISKARIT: Language: Spring vocabulary and beginning sounds. Afternoon (viskari) in finnish MESTARIT: Seikkailujen Eskari (pääsiäinen)


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