This week was bright and colorful – just as the beginning of spring. On Monday, the Midis enjoyed the music lesson, after which we started creating Easter mood by planting some Easter grass in our cute DIY chick-boxes. Tuesday was special with the trip to a new destination place – Minerva park. The duckies liked it being there and discovering new sights of Helsinki. On Wednesday, the Midis created funny crafts with Easter spirit – bunny ears hats. Thursday was the day when we went to the Museum yard to look for the signs of spring in the surrounding nature: garden boxes with growing plants in them, new leaves appearing on the trees, fresh green grass on the ground, birds singing, snow melting and the sun being warmer. The week ended with the exciting Toy Day on Friday, when we learned to share and play together, as well as discussed winter and spring clothes in our English Club. We can’t wait to see our duckies again!



It’s been wet, rainy, muddy, and a little sunshine which means spring is just around the corner. In our pond, it means fun mud play, baking sand cakes, and exploring the beauty of nature as the new season unfolds. Once again, different activities were organized and enjoyed by the Maxis. To strengthen fine motor skills and learn proper grip and tearing technique, we made rainbow paper mosaics and spent more time playing with Hama beads and peg boards. In physical education, controlling own strength and throwing technique using different gym equipment of varying sizes, weight, and distances in precision throw, were challenging yet fun for the children. There will be a follow up session for this next week. Our trip to Hesperian Park was so lovely and a great place to make this month’s theme, which is forest, more concrete and realistic for the children. The most interesting part of the week is how the children adored and hoped to put on the gorgeous gowns and dresses we saw through the windows of nearby clothing boutiques on the way to our trip destination. How nice it is to witness those funny and precious moments we shared together!



Spring is here and the weather knows it. With the new season finally here, many outdoor activities, holidays and spring songs started to be planned. Since Easter is around the corner, our pond has the initiative to decorate some willow twigs as part of Finnish tradition during this time. The willow twigs will be delivered on Monday at the Senior House. What a wonderful way to continue celebrating and embracing the country’s customs that is passed from an older generation to the new ones.

In Viskari group, the children were introduced to the letter “K” by practicing its sound and eliciting words in English or in Finnish. Some new vocabulary was presented; for instance,” Koala.” This served as an inspiration for our craft project. In Learning Buddies, we were practicing negotiation skills within a big group. Preschool, in turn, talked about hygiene practices and continued learning about syllabification of words in language skills. In math, number 8 was introduced through different small activities that led to the understanding of this digit in it different versions. As well, our big duckies went through media skills through a story and handcraft small project.




Mon/Ma: Music lesson: younger ones – starting 9:50, older ones – starting 10:35

Tue/Ti: Trip to Sammonpuisto – leaving at 9:30

Wed/Ke: Decoration of the willow branches

Thu/To: Decoration of the willow branches

Fri/Pe: Virpominen in the Senior House – leaving 9:30. Toy Day. English Club – rain gear, getting dressed



Mon/Ma: Visit to the Senior Center leaving 9:30 from the daycare

Tue/Ti: Music lesson, English club for Blue group, fine motor skills

Wed/Ke: Indoor gym: precision throw follow-up session, Interaction skills

Thu/To: Rainbow paper mosaic art continuation, Learning Buddies for Pink group

Fri/Pe: Toy Day, show and tell, negotiation skills




 Mon/Ma: Visit to the Senior Center Leaving at 9.30 sharp.

Tue/Ti:   Viskari English: Language

Wed/Ke: Viskari Tehtäviä

Thu/To:  Learning Buddies: Accepting differences and come into an agreement

Fri/Pe: Toy Day



Mon/Ma: Visit to the Senior Center Leaving at 9.30 sharp.

Tue/Ti:   Eskari: Language

Wed/Ke: English Club

Thu/To:  Preschool: Math

Fri/Pe:   Toy Day


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