Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                     6.9.-10.9.2021

Viikkokirje 36



Minis had arts and crafts on Monday and decided to make their own jar and painted it with their preferred jams, we thought they made pretty delicious jams, nam! On Tuesday, we sang our kids’ favorite songs, we realized that we love songs that our friends love and that made us happy while finding something in common with each other! We had a trip day on Wednesday, and we had a blast! We had slides with tunnel, swings and lots of new toys to play with. When it was time to leave, some of them were hesitant and refused to move- park day is always a good day! On Thursday, who do we have? Paula! This week, we learned about insects and even flew like a butterfly! We also had a special number from a couple of our friends and sang live on a real microphone this time- yay! We had a relaxed Friday and let our little ones decide on what kind of games they would like to play. Playday is also fun and it’s a good opportunity for our little ones to sprinkle some water on their blooming friendship! See you again next week as we explore the colorful world of trolls! Have a nice weekend and see you on Monkey Monday!



Last week flew by so fast, let´s take a look back to it to see what exactly we did. Monday started with a vigorous PE but this time indoors. The children were asked what kind of theme they would like to have, and they all decided it should be Paw Patrol themed obstacle track. It involved balancing, crawling, jumping, and hopping. Great fun combined with motor skills development is the best way to child´s development. Tuesdays are trip days and this was no different. We went for a walk through a little the forest, admired first signs of autumn and stopped to play at the park. An active morning it was. Wednesday was time for Story Time. As of the theme of this season, we dived into a book that talked about a fish who always liked to win. We learned that you don´t always have to be the first, or you don´t always need to win to have fun. Important thing is to enjoy your time with friends. Thursday is much loved muskari day, where in each lesson they have some songs that are already familiar and some new ones. This week also everyone who wanted was able to sing their own solo in a microphone and perform to everyone. Friday´s arts and crafts got their inspiration from the Story Time of the week and everyone got to make their own little rainbow fish and remember the story and lesson behind it. You´re welcome to admire them at the entrance of the daycare. See you next week and go together on new adventures!




13.09   Ma/ Mon – Satutuokio / Story time

14.09  Ti/ Tue – Arts & Crafts/ Askartelu

15.09  Ke/ Wed – Retkipäivä/ Trip Day (We are leaving at 9.30)

16.09  To/ Thu – Muskari / Music lesson

17.09  Pe/ Fri –  Play Day/ Leikkipäivä



13.09    Ma/ Monday – PE

14.09  Ti/ Tue – Trip Day (we are leaving at 9:30)

15.09  Ke/ Wed – Story Day

16.09  To/ Thu – Paula´s Muskari

17.09  Pe/ Fri – Arts and Crafts



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