Weekly Letter/ Viikkokirje 5/2022


Viikkokirje 05


Minit aloittivat viikon satutuokiolla. Tiistaina askartelimme lumiukot. Keskiviikkona temppuilimme temppuradalla,olemme kovasti harjoitelleet hyppimistä, kiipeämistä, ja tasapainoilua. Minit tykkäävät kovasti jumpata. Torstaina olikin taas odotettu muskari. Pääsimme mm. jokainen laulamaan vuorollaan mikrofoniin. Hienoja esiintyjiä meillä. Perjantaina leikimme lempileikkejä. Autot ja kotileikit on suosittuja.

Ma/Mon 7.2 Story Day/Satuhetki

Ti/Tue 8.2 Askartelu/ Arts and Crafts

Ke/Wed 9.2 P.E. / Liikunta

To/Thu 10.2 Muskari (we start at 10.00)

Pe/Fri 11.2 Leikkipäivä/ Playday



Monday started with Story Time for maxis, getting lost in the world of books and stories is the theme of this season and something we are commited to here every week. We learned this week about kindness and the little acts that can make someone feel happy. May it be a small compliment or a helping hand, never underestimating a smile on a friend´s face. Tuesday was trip day to Mustikamaa where we honed our skating skills. This time the ice was covered with a bit of snow and it made the skating slightly easier for our less experienced friends. We reminded how to fall correctily and how to get up on your feet again. Lots of fun and giggles. Arts and crafts this week was full of projects. We finished our folding and finger painting of wintery houses, which you can all take home to admire. And we also started Valentine´s Day decorations and crafts by cutting out bigger and smaller hearts. Maxis scissor skills have improved very nicely over the last few months and they are able to follow the line rather nicely. Thursday was the well loved Muskari Day where little solos were sang in the microphone and rhythm was practised to various speeds. Paula´s Muskari is one of the highlights of the week for our kids and well deservedly so. Friday we went sledding taking advantage of the lovely winter weather. Every child had a big smile on their little faces, and we could understand why trying it ourselves too – its so much fun! Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!


Ma/Mon 7.2. Askartelu/Arts and Crafts

Ti/Tue 8.2 Retkipäivä/ Trip Day leaving at 9:00 for skating at Mustikkamaa

Ke/Wed 9.2 Leivonta/ Baking

To/Thu 10.2 Muskari/ (we start at 10.30)

Pe/Fri 11.2 Retkipäiva/ Park trip and sledding leaving at 9:30

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