Autumn is here! The days are getting colder, leaves are falling down to the ground and more rain is coming our way, and Maxis love spending the outdoor time jumping in the puddles and getting dirty!  

This week, maxis had their first trip to Palolampi. We are so proud of our children! It was a long walk up and down the hill and all of them did great! They enjoyed climbing trees, collecting sticks and leaves and running around the forest. On Tuesday, for the arts and crafts session, maxis had a focus on making leaves with autumn colors, lots of coloring and cutting exercises. In the end we hang them in our Maxis-tree which will change colors according to each season.  

On Wednesday it was time to do some yoga exercises! We had so much fun!!! The children kept asking for more and more! So, for sure we will plan more yoga in the future 😊 . We are also singing autumn songs and on Friday we had an autumn Bingo, consisting of typical fall activities, things or weather! All our winners (everyone 😊 )  got a very nice sticker in the end!  


This week has been all about wrapping up unfinished projects and starting to feel inspired by our new humungous project as the Viskarit will take a deep breath and dive under the sea. (This will include lots of messy painting, please make sure your child wears clothes which are ok to get dirty in the process) Our weather station is done, now we can feel the weather and take various measurements. As always, the morning circle takes place outside so that we are able to really embrace the daily changes in weather as well as the season. The doctor’s role play area was set up, as the children requested, but there was very little play actually happening in there, so we had a morning set aside for modelling role play. Afterwards, the centre saw a lot more action. The doctor’s partition has multiple functions, therefore in addition to being a privacy screen and an x-ray machine, it can operate as a shadow puppet theatre. Fingers and hands were manipulated in various forms to produce a little shadow theatre show! The week was rounded off by playing board games, with the emphasis on understanding and following the rules, turn taking, dealing with the disappointment of losing, celebrating winning with sensitivity towards others, working in a team etc. The games were chosen with certain social or fine motor skills in mind, such as Operation, Pop up Pirate, Guess Who and so on to further embed these skills in our learning. 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 



Hello lovely Preschool Families! I hope you are enjoying the lovely colours of autumn. 😊 This week Preschool started with a trip to Palolampi with the rest of Kauppamäki Ankkalamppi. There we enjoyed the f all colours by collecting beautiful autumn coloured leaves. After that we spent time with the other duckies playing and exploring the forest. On Tuesday, we switched on our space robots and found out about how they help us in space. 😊 We even traveled to Mars ourselves and helped pathfinder find pieces of a rover and put it back together. 😊 The afternoon saw us using those beautiful fall leaves that we had collected and use them to make a letter F (For fall!). On Wednesday we learnt more about rovers by making our own rover out of LEGO with all the features it needed to help us on Mars. We have recently been learning about shapes and in the afternoon, we practiced this by identifying various shapes in a different space robot. 😊 After all the excitement from the LEGO challenge it was time to relax with some space yoga on Thursday. This time we learnt some different poses from a real-life astronaut who had been to the International Space Station. It was good to remind ourselves of the different postures that help us concentrate during preschool time. 😊 Friday was a time to get our creative juices flowing with our recycled robot build. Thank you to all families who bought recycled items for us to use during the morning. The children all had fun attaching different pieces to their robot and thinking about what their robot’s mission was. Next Saturday (October 1st) is Vegetarian Food Day so on Friday (September 30th) we will discuss why it is important to eat vegetables and fruits. The Preschoolers have many questions about the Sun so we have decided that next week we will explore all things related to the Sun. 😊 Next week will also be the start of our Parent-teacher LEOPs discussions. Please remember to sign up on the sheet (it will be with the sign in/out sheet). I look forward to chatting with each of you about your child’s progress and where they are headed next. 😊 Enjoy the beautiful autumn weekend and see you next week! 😊  

NEXT WEEK: 26.-30.9.2022 



Mon: arts and crafts 

Tue: Palolampi trip (departing at 9am) 

Wed: Music 

Thu: Yoga 

Fri: Autumn story 



Mon: Trip to the library (leaving at 9:00) 

Tue: Under the Sea- project 

Wed: Under the Sea -project 

Thu: Under the Sea- project 

Fri: Under the Sea- project 



Mon: Trip to the library (leaving at 9am) 

Tue: What is the Sun?/Letter G day 

Wed: How big is the Sun? 

Thu: Does the Sun move?/Math comparisons day  

Fri: Why is it important to eat vegetables and fruits?/Bluebox games 


 Important dates:

12.10 Syystreffit at 16.00

26.10 Halloweenparty for the children

9.11 Father’s Day party at 16.00

14.12 Christmas Party at 16.00


Greetings from the Kauppamäki team