This week we started introducing names of forest animals to our maxis and on Tuesday we kept the week’s theme crafting beautiful hedgehogs. The children practiced cutting, drawing and gluing skills. On Wednesday and Thursday, we had football training outside; we started with some stretching, warming up, running in zigzag, jumping jacks, kicking the ball to a friend, or practicing how to score. At the end of the practice all the children got the chance to play together, running after the ball and trying to score as many goals as possible. It was great fun! On Friday we had our usual catch-up and kept a focus on social skills: We presented our flash cards to the children and each of them chose one and explained what it was about, for example sharing, keeping hands to themselves, playing together, etc. This week we also talked about how we can help our environment such as using less water and paper or asking for the right amount of food.  


“Kick that ball, kick that ball, 

Score another goal. 

Don’t give up, don’t give up, 

Now you’re on a roll!”  (Tune: Ihahaa) 

This was our very own football song, used for cheering the teams at our little end of week tournament. What a balltastic week it has been! The Viskarit got into sporting mood by doing some football drills to start with. They practiced shooting, dribbling and passing.  

This week has also been full of craft. The children designed a kit for their footballer puppet which was then put together so that when pulling a string, the footballer’s leg kicks a ball.  Watercolours came out for some autumn leaf colour mixing.  

The week culminated in a very wet tournament with the Mestarit group. The children were divided into 3 groups so that two teams could play against each other and the third was there to watch and cheer. The Preschoolers had a football chant and we had our own song to sing, what a lovely end for this week of footie! 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


What a week we have had! Full of space and football. 😊 This week we have been hard at work using our communication skills and also practicing our movement skills. These skills have been very important for both our space explorations and our football training. 😊 On Monday, we found out how space rockets actually work and then made our own flying rockets. It was fun to have a rocket race to see which rocket went further (check out the video on Facebook to see our race 😊) Tuesday saw us venturing up to the International Space Station to see what life was like there. Using our knowledge of the I.S.S we assembled a puzzle of the International Space Station piece by piece- just like they did with the real I.S.S. 😊 The afternoon was a time for us to explore the Letter E by exploring the sound it makes, how to write it and what the capital and lowercase letter looks like. Wednesday saw us in Football territory. 😊 Teamwork is so important to team sports so we took Wednesday to explore this concept though team games. As part of our teamwork work, the preschoolers made up their own Team chant to use during our tournament on Friday (A video of this is on Facebook 😊) Another important part of team sports is communication and we practiced this in the afternoon playing ‘Blind Artist’- lots of giggling accompanied this as we revealed the art we had created under the direction of our partners. 😊 Thursday was our time to hone our football skills with our drills day. After a morning of team and individual drills, we were ready for our tournament on Friday. The day of the tournament dawned cloudy and very wet but we did not let that stop us. 😊 Cheerfully we walked to the football field and sorted ourselves into teams and then we started. Just like real football, the rain poured down but spirits were high as we sang out our team chant, encouraging those on the field to keep on playing. 😊 In the end we decided that everyone won because we all tried our best and we walked back to Kauppamaki happy with the result. 😊 Next week, the preschoolers have decided to continue our foray into space and start to look into Space Robots and how they help us in space. On Monday please be on time as we will be going to Palolampi. On Friday, we will be making recycled robots. I would really appreciate it if each child could bring a small bag of recycled materials (lids off bottles, small boxes, toilet rolls etc) next week to share with the group so we can do this activity. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you next week! 😊  


NEXT WEEK: 19.-23.9.2022 


Mon: Palolampi trip (leaving at 9) 

Tue: Arts and crafts 

Wed: P.E. autumn yoga 

Thu: Music class (autumn theme) 

Fri: Autumn bingo  



Mon: Trip to Palolampi, leaving at 9am 

Tue: Weather station, number work  

Wed: Imaginative play session 

Thu: Music and social skills 

Fri: Fine motor game day 



Mon: Trip to Palolampi, leaving at 9am/Finnish Class 

Tue: Introduction to Space Robots!/Letter F Day 

Wed: Mars Rover Lego Challenge! 

Thu: Astronaut Yoga/Describe a Scene Math  

Fri: Recycled Robots!/Bluebox Games 


Greetings from the team at Kauppamäki