The time flies and it is already the first week of the autumn season. Our maxis have gradually adapted to our daycare and made encouraging progress following the instructions and daily routines.  

This week we had a focus on “me and you”. We began our week with the book named “why I should eat well?”. We discussed healthy and unhealthy food and what it will do to our teeth and our body if we eat too much of it. The healthy vegetables and fruits were introduced to the children and we encouraged them to taste different foods. On Tuesday we had body parts craft, lots of skills were required during the process, cutting, pasting, drawing and coloring. On Wednesday for our gym session, we followed a lovely body parts dancing song called “ Tooty Ta”. As we did many funny movements with our body parts, we also learnt more new vocabulary. On Thursday we brought “finger family “song to our weekly theme and everybody got a chance to introduce their family members to our group. Inspired by the song, some of our maxis drew pictures of their family members at free play. On Friday we focused on social skills. We demonstrated how to be a good friend. Flashcards of feelings were introduced to the children to help them recognize their own. 



Another week over and what a change in weather! The changing season is providing a timely catalyst to delve into the weather in a bit more detail. Our weather station is starting to take shape. We went to the woods to look for suitable branches to use as measuring sticks. The children wanted to observe wind, snow depth and rainfall. We are also adding a sun dial to determine the time of day. Our marble jar is starting to fill up, the children are given a marble to add to the jar when we see them doing something nice like helping each other or going that extra mile. This week, we gave the children an additional responsibility to notice when their peers are showing positive behaviour and informing the teachers in order to earn more.  Once the jar is full, we will have a special Viskari party to celebrate the achievement.  We have learned new nursery rhymes as well as revisited old ones this week.  Outdoors, we have kept going with the yard games, a hobby horse obstacle course and a walk to the local library.  In our social skills session we looked at the differences and similarities within the group. Viskarit also drew their family portraits which can be found on the wall in the Viskari room, in readiness for the parents evening. Music activities included singing along to a guitar accompaniment and some body percussion. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!  


 Hello lovely Preschool Families. 😊 This week our focus has been on listening skills, number recognition skills and technology skills. We have had a busy week exploring our fabulous space topic. We went on a research trip on Monday, finding space books from the library. On Tuesday we used those books to research what conditions were actually like on the Moon. We then published our findings in a mini book about the moon- I hope that you have had fun reading that book at home. 😊 This week we have also been exploring the letter C in our Tuesday afternoon literacy session, it was funny to find out that C has two different sounds in English. Wednesday was our last moon day and we snuck into the dark sleeping room with a torch to see how the sun helped make the moon look different at different times in the month. In the afternoon we learnt how important actively listening is to astronaut missions when we played “space telephone”. Thursday saw us blasting off into our new Space Rockets topic. We started to explore how to use the internet by finding a space rocket launch video and then made our very own S.L.S space rockets using our own names as the core rocket. 😊 On Friday, we got out our creativity and made our own Space Shuttles out of recycled materials! In the afternoon, we stretched our brain’s ability to problem solve by Playing Bluebox brain games. Next week, the preschool decided they still have so many questions about Space Rockets that we will continue our explorations in this field. 😊 I wish you all a wonderful autumny weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week! 😊  

NEXT WEEK: 5.-9.9.2022 



Mon: Story time 

Tue: Photo Morning/Play Friends 

Wed: Arts and crafts 

Thu: Music 

Fri: Social skills 



Mon: Trip to Palolampi, leaving at 9:00. 

Tue: Photo Morning/Play Friends  

Wed: Yard games 

Thu: Music & dance 

Fri: Autumn craft  



Mon: Train like an astronaut day/Finnish Class 

Tue: Photo Morning and Play Friends/Letter D Day 

Wed: Have any animals been to space? 

Thu: How do rockets work?/Shapes Day 2 

Fri: How do you eat in space?/Bluebox Games 



6.9. Photo morning, starting at 8:30 

7.9. Parents evening at 17:15 


Greetings from the team here at Kauppamäki