Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       31.5-4.6.2021

Viikkokirje 22



Our little Duckies started off the week by helping us paint our window. Summer is coming and we are getting ready to do all things fun and fit for the weather! We had a playdate the next day and stayed outdoors longer than usual and met our new friends who will join us next autumn. It was fun and exciting to meet new faces and to be able to get to know them even for a short while. We hope to be sharing toys, activities, memories and friendship with them next season! Welcome! On Wednesday, we went to a nearby park and enjoyed the warm weather. Majority of our little Duckies walked nicely and we are so happy what a few months can do, specially for their gross motor skills! We are planning to have more trip days to enjoy the sunny weather for the rest of June. We celebrated our Spring party by recording a small presentation for our loved ones to watch at home. We had some ice cream and also held our Ankka Olympics. In our eyes, everyone is a winner and so everyone received a gold medal and they were so proud of themselves! Of course, the highlight is definitely the ice cream break 😊 On Friday, we decided to have an outdoor physical exercises and did some stretching. We also enjoyed the weather and stayed as long as we could! This week has definitely one of those perfect ones; weather-wise. We will be sending the video next week, we hope you enjoy your weekend and see you again next week!




This week brought us sunny days and long-awaited warm weather which we fully embraced taking the most out of it. On Monday, our traditional Physical Education day, we played games involving running and waiting patiently for your turn. Following the rules and participating as a team is a skill to hone and our maxis are getting better at it each week. Tuesday was a bit different from our usual routine. We had new maxis and minis coming over for a little play time outside, getting to know the new friends and  the daycare. We were so glad to see that our maxis immediately involved the new friend in their games and made her feel right at home. We are looking forward to seeing our new friends in august! Wednesday is usually a story time for maxis, and we didn´t miss it this week either. But this time we had it outside! They listened to a story in English and paid attention very nicely. Thursday was a special day – Spring party! We celebrated it by throwing our very own Olympics, with running, jumping and ball throwing. Winners got gold medals, and guess what – everyone was a winner! After all that exercise they deserved to invigorate those little bodies with some ice cream. What a treat! You´ll find clips of that day also in our end of season video coming up soon. Friday is time for arts and crafts but as the weather is just calling us out, so we had to combine the two. We went to find some stones of different sizes and shapes and colored them outside to decorate our daycare with. Join us again next week for new summer adventures.


Ma/Mon 7.6. – Arts and Crafts/Kädentaidot

Ti/Tue 8.6.  – Storyday/Satuhetki

Ke/Wed 9.6. – Trip Day (We are leaving at 9.30)

To/Thu 10.6. –  Physical Education/Liikunta

Pe/Fri 11.6. – Play Day



Ma/Mon 7.6- Liikunta/ Physical Education

Ti/Tue 8.6 – Outdoor Play Day

Ke/Wed 9.6 – Story Day

To/Thu 10.6 Trip Day (We are leaving at 9.30)

Pe/Fri 11.6 – Kädentaidot/ Arts and crafts

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