WEEKLY LETTER      13/2022


This week Maxis started preparations for Easter. On Monday we shared our knowledge about Easter and prepared little bunny pots for grass. On Tuesday we felt like real farmers and planted seeds into our pots. We are so looking forward to seeing the grass growing there! We just need to make sure we water them every day! 😊 We also decorated our willow branches, they look so pretty now! Maxis are definitely going to get lots of chocolate when they visit their friends and neighbors with their cute branches. On Wednesday we watched a story about an Easter egg hunt, now we are all ready for the real egg hunt next week. We also did a cool Easter freeze dance, maxis were really enjoying the dancing. Thursday was a trip day, we gave children a chance to decide where they want to go and gave them two options: Palolampi or another playground. After discussions and voting we ended up going to the playground. The weather was cool but sunny and we had a good time playing outside. Friday was an extra exciting day for all the children. We tried to do things in an unusual way such as reading books from the end to the beginning, instead of using plates and knives and forks, we had lunch in bowls with spoons. We even managed to eat our snack under the table! As a bonus on this day, the maxis got a priority to choose a play friend from Viskari or Eskari. We were so happy to see Maxis have gained so much confidence approaching older friends from different groups. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Easter is in the air and Viskarit have been crafty. We have prepared willow wands, planted the Easter grass and worked on a very secret project which may or may not have something to do with Mother’s Day. The trip to Palolampi proved to be a snowy one and ended up as home roleplay in the snow rather than looking for signs of spring. Winky Wonky Day was, as promised, completely winky wonky. Everyone was dressed in odd clothing, stories were read backwards, lasagne was eaten from a bowl with a spoon. Viskarit and Eskarit even became a group of maxis and and had a nap time. Snack, naturally, was eaten under the table.  

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 



Hello Lovely Preschool Families! 😊 I hope that you have all been enjoying the return of the sun, let’s hope now the days will start to get a bit warmer. 😊 This week has been a very arty one, with the preschoolers focusing on extending their knowledge of different creative pursuits. 😊 The first creative pursuit we explored was poetry. The preschoolers thought about what it would be like to actually be a whale and used that experience to write sensory poems. The next creative pursuit was creating an ocean biome. To celebrate the end of our ocean animals topic the children asked to make an ocean biome for all of the animals that we studied. As we worked, we made sure to create a biome that included all the things that were needed to make a good ocean habitat. 😊 Our next creative pursuit was using I.T to edit our beautiful photos from the forest. Using a tablet to cut out our faces and “stick” them into our beautiful photos was very exciting experience. The preschoolers enjoyed it so much that we will definitely continue our learning in this area. 😊 Even when we turned our attention to Easter, we did so creatively. We made our Easter grass pots into artworks by making mosaic patterns on them using coloured tissue paper. We also did the traditional decorating of willow branches using feathers, pipe cleaners and tinfoil to make them bright and colourful. To end such a creative week, it was only fitting to celebrate April Fool’s Day with a winky, wonky day. It was great to see all the winky, wonky costumes and fun to see what winky, wonky tricks were played. 😊 First, we discovered the classroom was tipped all winky, wonky, then we had a backwards story time and then we went to nap time (in the sleeping room!). After a quick nap, we actually had lunch (this time eating with a bowl and spoon!) and ended the day under the table for our snack. What a winky, wonky day indeed! 😊  

Next week, we will continue with our Easter preparations. 

See you all then 😊  




Mon: Story time 

Tue:  Easter egg craft 

Wed: Trip day 

Thu: Easter egg hunt 

Fri: HAPPY EASTER, day care closed 



Mon: Trip to Sello library, leaving at 9am 

Tue: Easter craft 

Wed: Comprehension/number work 

Thu: Easter Egg Hunt 

Fri: HAPPY EASTER, day care closed 



Mon: Trip to Sello Library, leaving at 9am/Finnish Class 

Tue: Secret Mother’s Day Preparation/Easter Writing Day 

Wed: Surprise Preschool Easter Event 

Thu: Easter Egg Hunt/Math Day 

Fri: Päiväkoti closed for Easter 



Thursday 6th April – Easter Egg Hunt  

Wednesday 10th of May – Mother’s Day Celebration at 16.00