Viikokirje / Weekletter 24


The weather this week has been beautiful so we were able to be outside every day as planned. We are lucky in Munkkiniemi that there are so many outdoor activities that are so close to us. This week alone we went to the swimming beach and enjoyed climbing there, we went to Pikku Huopalahti park and to Kone park where we have also enjoyed doing arts and crafts outside.

Also we plan to be outside every day next week, so please bring a water bottle and make sure your children have a pair of trousers for inside and outside, sun lotion and a hat.

KAIKKI suunnitelmat viikolle 25 / All Groups’ plans for week 25  :

MON 21.6 Forest Beach trip. Please bring a backpack with a small snack.

TUE  22.6 Dancing in the park

WED 23.6 Beach trip with water pistols

THU 24.6 Park day

FRI   25.6 Midsummer’s Eve – Ankkalampi is closed



Muuta huomioitavaa/Other important information:

  • Puhelinnumeromme: p.050-400 8254 & p.050-462 7943.
  • Our phone numbers: p.050-400 8254 & p.050-462 7943.


Mukavaa viikonloppua & Have a nice weekend!  

Munkkiniemen Ankkalammen henkilökunta-staff