Midi-Maxien tapahtumat viikolta; Spring is here and this week, we got to enjoy longer outdoor time. It was also easier to dress-up because we don’t have to put on a lot of layers of clothes. To jump start the week, we had our every Monday – toy day. Tuesday, we had a planning meeting with the Midis and Maxis regarding the Spring party. Everyone voiced out their opinions and suggestions excitedly. On the other hand, the Viskaris enjoyed digital learning playing Ekapeli. Mid-week was our trip day, and we went back to the forest near the dog park. We did an activity of searching for things that are soft, hard, green, and what does not belong to the forest. Everyone participated and had an enjoyable time. Thursday is our arts and crafts day where we have 2 activities: we practiced our scissor cutting skills and we painted cherry blossoms. Friday was the warmest day of the week, so we stayed out all morning. We painted our fence with water and listened and dance to music in the yard.


Minien tapahtumat viikolta; The week started with motor skill activity – pencil drawing. We also practiced cutting. Opening and closing scissors helps children build up the small muscles in their hands. The ones who are too small for scissors were practicing ripping. We also went to a playground this week. Thanks to a beautiful weather we could wear thinner clothes, so walking was much more easier this time. Minis were so full of energy, half of the road they were jumping instead of walking 😊 We also met 5 cute dogs on the road who we had a chance to pet. We sang songs and greeted every person and every animal on the road.
Have a lovely weekend and see you soon!



MA 24.4.           Oman lelun päivä /kevätjuhlaharjoituksia pienryhmissä          

TI 25.4.            Askartelua/ viskarituokio: kevätjuhlaharjoitukset

KE 26.4.           Retkipäivä                                 

TO 27.4.           Askartelua pienryhmissä

PE 28.4.           Vappujuhlat alk. klo 9.15



MA 24.4.    Jumppis fun                 

TI 25.4.      Table games     

KE 26.4.     Arts & Crafts      

TO 27.4.    Trip day (9:00)       

PE 28.4.     Vappujuhlat       


Muuta muistettavaa; 

Äitienpäivän juhlistaminen to 11.5. klo 15–16.30 ulkona

Kevätjuhlat viikolla 20 tai 21, päivä tarkentuu myöhemmin


Minit p. 045 132 2970

Midi-Maxit p. 050 321 2765

Vastaava p. 050 441 8808 (parhaiten tavoitettavissa klo 12-14)

Ankkaterveisin, Minna, Christine, Manju, Teija, Eliise, Tinka ja Elizabeth