Kapteenit ovat jälleen kerran viettäneet ihanaa talvista viikkoa! Pulkkailu ja lumihommat ovat tuoneet punan pienille poskille, ja aurinkokin on välillä meitä käynyt ilahduttamassa. Ilmaisua Kapteenit ovat tällä viikolla harjoitelleet talvimaalauksien ja Open Micin parissa, sekä tietysti tuttuun tapaan Muskarissa tanssien ja laulellen talvisia lauluja. Kieltä olemme rikastuttaneet laulu- ja lorupussien avulla sekä kuuntelemalla satuhetkessä tarinaa jäniksestä, jonka ystävät järjestivät tälle yllätysjuhlat. Kovan pakkasen vuoksi emme valitettavasti päässeet tällä viikolla retkelle, mutta sen sijaan teimmekin paljon mukavia pöytähommia ja leikimme pienryhmissä! Plusplus-palat ja hamahelmet harjoittivat Kapteenien hienomotoriikkaa ja duploleikkien parissa pääsimme hahmottamaan erilaisia rakennelmia, muotoja ja korkeuksia. Viikon kruunasi Runeberginpäivä, jolloin juhlimme maistelemalla Runebergin torttuja, kuuntelemalla ”Ruuneperi”-laulun sekä tekemällä omia upeita runojamme talvesta!

At the beginning of the week, the skippers were introduced to our new ‘reward system’. Each skipper has decorated their own jar, where they can collect ‘good pearls’. Good pearls are rewarded to them throughout the day for doing something GOOD! It could be from being a kind friend, or sitting well during the morning circle! On Monday we went for a culture trip, where we checked out the Alexander II and Runebergs statues. On Tuesday we had a lovely time during muskari, especially because Sari could be here live! On Wednesday and Thursday we enjoyed doing some valentines/friends day arts and crafts, where we practiced our cutting and scrunching skills. On Friday morning, we went for a small walk around our local environment, where we spotted many Finnish flags and counted how many we could see at the same time. To end the week on a fun note,  we tasted some Runeberg torttu and held our weekly open mic.

Thanks to our parents’ constant efforts and support for our fun education, the knowledgeable Sailor Scholars set sail this week to France in Western Europe to embrace its magnificent culture and traditions, French language and history! Even though quite a few of us have travelled in France with family before, we were still so amazed by the sheer beauty of this romantic country, many times! We made very good use of materials found by our French mom and family vacation photos provided by 2 moms by locating the places where the photos were taken on the map of France, colouring T’choupi in and watching his animation videos in French language while a Sailor who speaks French was bravely interpreting everything for us, watching the song video “Petrouchka” while trying to teach Wei French etc. We also enthusiastically searched together on Wikipedia about Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées, the Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles. We loved the shining Hall of Mirrors the most, and each of us made our own 3D miniature paper Arc de Thiomphe as well. In our Outdoor Gymnastic inspired by the traditional outdoor game “Boule”, we developed our own snowy version: hitting standing wooden bricks in the snow with a baseball. We also modified the “snail hopscotch game” into a number recognition game in the snow. With the help of our encyclopaedia books especially the book “Makuatlas”, we created our own menu of a French brunch including Baguette, Croissant, Macaron, different kinds of Cheese like Brie and Babybel, Grapes, Olives, Cantaloupe Melon, Sardine Fish, Aioli Sauce, Dijon Mustard and Fish Eggs etc. With the great help of our French lady neighbour who gave us many good suggestions, we enjoyed our French cuisine day by cooking together salad with olive oil, vinegar and mustard, wrapping slices of dried ham around slices of cantaloupe melon, enjoying chocolate mousse as the dessert etc. French cuisine is TRÈS BON and it is a UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. We couldn’t enjoy everything on one day, so we packed a part of it to take home to enjoy with our families! Besides getting familiar with Saint-Saëns’ soothing compositions like “The Swan from Carnival of the Animals”, Debussy’s romantic piano favourites like “Clair de Lune” and Richard Clayderman’s romantic piano performance like “Les Misérables (Medley)”, we also experienced the French Baroque Opera, Jean Baptiste Lully’s “Cadmus et Hermione” since we loved the French Baroque architecture so much! Certainly we enjoyed the happy free play time in the classroom listening to Edith Piaf’s classics like “La Vie en Rose” and “Hymne a L’amour” on a freezing cold day! Next week, we will take the fellow Captains and Skippers on board and sail to the Far East to the biggest country of the Orient, China, to embrace totally different but also splendid culture and history, celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Ox and create presents to celebrate our friendship in honour of the Valentine’s Day in a traditional Chinese style!

As a group for the first time, we bravely walked hand in hand and on our own feet in the cold weather, skated on ice or conquered the “Mont Blanc” together at Kaisaniemi Park Skate Rink! We also explored the 3D cards of the Sun and its 8 planets and read about the unforgettable Apollo 11 Mission that sent human race to the Moon half a century ago. “The eagle has landed.” “The’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.


Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 8.2. Kädentaidot: Ystävänpäivä / Arts and Crafts: Valentine´s Day

Ti / Tue 9.2. Muskari (klo 9.45) ja pienryhmätoimintaa / Muskari (at 9.45) and small group activities

Ke / Wed 10.2. Satuhetki / Story time

To / Thu 11.2. Kiinalainen uusi vuosi / Chinese New Year

Pe / Fri 12.2. Ystävänpäiväjuhla / Valentine´s Day Party

Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 8.2. Retki – Lähtö 9.30 / Field trip. We leave form park 9.30

Ti / Tue 9.2. Muskari (klo 10.15) / Muskari (at 10.15)

Ke / Wed 10.2. Kulttuurikeskiviikko

To / Thu 11.2. Kiinalainen uusi vuosi / Chinese New Year

Pe / Fri 12.2. Ystävänpäiväjuhla / Valentine´s Day Party

Seilorit / The Sailors

Mon. 08.02 Arts & Crafts.

Tue. 09.02 Muskari 9:00-9:45 am and Gymnastics.

Wed. 10.02 Exploring the World: Cooking Chinese dumplings and spring rolls.

Thu. 11.02 Celebration of Chinese New Year of Ox for the whole house.

Fri. 12.02 Project Work: Animals & Outer Space and Winter Experiments.