Mini-Midis last week:

The week was full of fun and learning as we celebrate the mid-winter sliding festival. It was a nice walk to the park and the children got familiarize again with the traffic rules and be oriented to the surroundings. We brought our sledge and they had a blast sledging down the long slope. The midis were so happy to take the minis with them in the sleigh ride and carefully holding them down the slope. We celebrated Laiskiastiistai in the afternoon where everyone enjoyed a warm juice in the park. The children decorated the cups with little ducks that they practiced to cut and color. After all the fun activities, the midis had a relaxing massage story time on Thursday. They also made a nice tree painting with their hand and practice more their pencil grasp skills. The minis enjoyed a small music circle time on Friday where we sang their favorite nursery rhymes and practiced some English words.

Mini-Midis next week:

Mo 7.3: Story time

Tu 8.03: Arts and crafts

We 9.03: Music class

Thu 10.03: Physical Education

Fri 11.03: Free play


This week we continued learning more about planets.
We sang 8 planets song daily, we talked about their size, orders and some more facts. On Tuesday, we made a rocket and some models of planets. Children were excited and helpful with the painting and organising. We now have a playing space station area. During Muskari time, children tried some new instruments and had good time as always. Viskari practiced writing number 1-5, and letter M. We went sledging for our trip day, running up and down the hill, and trying different ramps with sledges was a great fun. We played dodge ball outside in the park for our P.E and had some dancing inside.

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 7.3 Circle time group discussion (sun+moon) / Bring your own toy-day

Tu 8.3 Arts and Crafts

We 9.3 Muskari

Thu 10.3 Trip day

Fri 11.3 Physical education

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team