It was a somewhat different kind of week for the Maxis in the Day Care this week as our usual timetable of activities were different to the normal weeks.

The week started celebrating Kalevala. We combined both the Midis and the Maxis during the circle time where they listened to some traditional stories and the history of Kalevala. They also sang some traditional songs and used some instruments with the music. For the rest of the days activities the Maxis group coloured some paper templates to create some of the traditional Kalevala finger puppets.

Tuesday was the National Sledding day and we were very lucky that we still had the opportunity to still go. The Maxis group also had a number activity  in the morning counting and learning about the number bonds of 10. In the afternoon we ate some delicious ‘Pulla’ with fresh cream and strawberry jam.

Our usual walking trip was Wednesday this week. The children are always excited when they discover we go the Tuorinniemi Park. There are so many different activities there for them to allow to develop coordination, balance and explore their limits. Of course the children are unaware of this as they are having so much fun together. During the afternoon the children practiced pencil control by using tracing paper to draw a landscape picture.

It was finally the Zoo trip on Thursday and it was the perfect ending to our Artic and Polar Regions theme. The weather was slightly cold but the weather was calm and bright. We saw some of the animals that we had been studying during January and February. The Bears were awake and we also saw some Reindeers, Byson and Owls. We also had the opportunity to explore other animals of the zoo, the big cats were very popular and the huge Camels were also quite intriguing. During the afternoon the children finished and took home the pencil control activity.

Friday was the music session for both the Viskari and Eskari and we also talked about the new spring theme that begins next week. Both groups started to create the wall display for this theme – ‘The Signs of Spring.’


Next week´s plan:

MON 07.03. Celebrating Finland Womens Day with Marimekko clothes craft

TUE 08.03. Walking Trip to Herttoniemi School to use the adventure circuit are

WED 09.03. Music and Science – The flowers of Spring

THU 10.03. Preschool Finish and Viskari English Literacy

FRI 11.03. Preschool English Linguistics and numeracy and  Viskari English numeracy



The week has started not in a common way celebrating a Finnish cultural day with the Kalevala. We have had many different activities organized to get to know about this celebration, such as listening a short story about its history, learning an easy rhythm which talks about that special day, and we have also read many different known Finnish stories and poems. On Tuesday we had a fun morning the whole house together since we went all for some sledging nearby. Luckily, we could still enjoy the snow outdoors and it was an excellent winter exercise for our children. In the afternoon we ate delicious buns to continue with the tradition of this exciting day! The week has continued with nice outdoor games all together, the sunshine has surprised us lately and it has been an opportunity to start spending more time at the park. On Thursday children made their own portraits through a nice crafts activity where they made their beautiful eyes, nose, mouth, and hair, so they had to pay attention in each other. Our goal is to make them understand that the midis group has grown, and we pretend to foment the group sense of the children and to improve the social skills while playing together. We have discussed about the group rules and practiced friendship skills with picture games, stories and also while mixing the play groups. The week has finished with our weekly music session and with an interesting circle with the children where we gave them different spring trips options for them to choose. That was a useful time together and we got very exciting opinions to consider!


Next week´s plan:

MON 07.03. Arts & Craft (Spring windows painting)

TUE 08.03. Beauty salon

WED 09.03. Music lesson

THU 10.03. Walking trip (leaving at 9.30am)

FRI 11.03. Exotic fruits activities



Kiitos kuluneesta viikosta!

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MAXIT: 050 523 9066