This week we were learning about planets.
We discussed, how many planets are in the solar system, where are they located, how do they look like and how is the temperature on them, which is the biggest and smallest planet. We learnt that the sun is not moving, the planets move around the sun. We have learnt the “8 planets” song. Tuesday we did a big “Universe” painting and Wednesday we were singing some English songs such as: “Hurry up, Mr. sun, who took the cookie, 5 little speckled frogs, I am thirsty”. Thursday, we visited the library, we were reading English and Finnish books, and we were learning how to behave well in a library. Friday, we did lots of movements, Moon yoga, Zumba dance, jumping dance and we did some P.E. as well. We were practicing new rules, such as using photos to check in to different play zones and also, we are going to have a classroom helper each week, who is going to help with different tasks such as preparing the tables for lunch, making sure everyone tidy up nicely.

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 28.2 Circle time group discussion (planets, continents)
Tu1.3 Arts and Crafts
We 2.3 Muskari
Thu 3.3 Trip day
Fri 4.3 Physical education

Mini-Midis last week:
Minis last week started welcoming a new friend in our group and introducing him to day care routine, new faces and names. On Monday half of the group had play time and the other half spend some time colouring animals. On Tuesday the oldest kids, the midis, practiced scissor skills cutting round shapes and painting them to create a bear face and frame to make funny pictures which they took once the bears were ready. They were really exited to take pictures of their friends with the bear faces 😊
The highlight of this week was our shadow theatre on Wednesday. Kids enjoyed watching and listening to the story “The bunny and the hare” and at the end, they were able to go behind the curtains and also hold the forest puppets and do their own stories so that their friends in the audience can watch.
On Thursday the midis went to the yard next to ours and had a great time exploring the bigger playground. We closed the week doing lots of puzzles and celebrating Minna´s last day during a long and fun morning circle. We did a beautiful card with handprints for her and she got lots of hugs from all the kids.

Minis next week:
Mo 28.2: Kädentaitoja / Arts and crafts
Tu 01.03: Laskiaistiistai / Laskiaismehu (hot juice to go in the afternoon)
We 02.03: Muskari/ Music class
Thu 03.03: Satuhieronta
Fri 04.03: Vapaa leikki /Free play

Winter greetings,
the Kauniainen team