Olemme viettäneet hiihtolomaviikkoa kodikkaasti yhdessä. Maanantain musiikkihetken sekä viikon aamupiirit olemme viettäneet koko päiväkodin kesken ulkona, laulaen, leikkien ja voimistellen. Ryhmiä yhdistämällä eri ikäiset lapset ovat päässet vaihtamaan taitoja ja ajatuksia. Lisäksi on upeaa nähdä kuinka ajattelevaisia ja avuliaita päiväkotilaisia meillä onkaan. Tiistaina askartelimme lumiukkoja opetellen liimaamista ja pikkuruisen kaulaliinan solmimista ukon kaulaan. Kärsivällisyys palkitaan! Retkipäivänä tutustuimme pohjoisiin eläimiin ja kokeilimme niiden liikkumistapoja Peikkopuistossa.



Maxis got another week full of fun and learning. We got a music session after all, outdoors and combined with the Midis, where we tried to do few songs singing and dancing in English, Finnish and even Swedish. The little smart heads had to do experiment where they would observe and follow three different cups filled with ice, snow and water and discover what happens until the end of the day. They are all gifted artists and enjoy playing with colours so these weeks they have been colouring by combining the basic colours and trying to practise how to hold the colour pencils properly during the process and learning how to draw different shapes with precision. Snow football is fun, and our Maxis were super good! This week the morning circle got to have a touch of “exclusivity” as we have had it in the park and all the groups together, so the children can share, listen and discuss between each other, therefor learn from and for each other. Have a nice week!



We started the week with a very colorful story about “Kalevala”, in order to describe folklore and mythology. The reading was followed by a fun crafting activity completed with enthusiasm.
As for outdoor activities, our duckies had quite active journeys at Peikko park by enjoying sledding down the slopes. We closed our week with a language session (english), this time, the chosen topic was the “seasons of the year” followed by our social skills hour. This week’s topic, “friendship”.



Mon/Ma: Music session // Muskari

Tue/Ti: Mascot making // Askarrellaan maskotti

Wed/Ke: Getting to know gym equipment // Tutustutaan voimisteluvälineisiin

Thu/To: Outdoor play in Peikkopark, leaving 9:00 // Ulkoleikit Peikkopuistossa, lähtö 9:00

Fri/Pe: Theme: Pajama Day // Teema: Pyjamapäivä



Mon/Ma: Music session and science

Tue/Ti: Trip to Oodi library (We’d kindly like to remind you that we shall leave from Töölö Ankalampi at 09:30)

Wed/Ke: Arts and Crafts and Story creating – Key word: Friendship

Thu/To: Outdoor play in Peikkopark 9:00-10:15 +  Gym (Indoors – Obsticle course)

Fri/Pe: Videos, Medias, Dancing (Key topic – Friendship)



Mon/Ma: Groups separate: Kalevala story and crafts

Tue/Ti: Weather permitting sledding in Peikkopark MESTARIT: Mathematics; measuring and amounts

Wed/Ke: Weather permitting sledding Peikkopark

Thu/To: Outdoop play in Peikkopark 9:00-10:15  VISKARIT: Language session: “Seasons of the year” MESTARIT: Seikkailujen Eskari-session

Fri/Pe: VISKARIT: Social skills: “Friendship” MESTARIT: Seikkailujen Eskari-session


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