We started the week reading an English book called “fun with animals” to Captains. They loved it! The book has pictures of many different animals and Captains could touch the pictures to learn about the sound that each animal makes. As every Tuesday, Captains really enjoyed the music class, they are getting better at dancing and following the rhythm. In our morning circle we sang together some of our favorites English songs such as “a Sailor went to sea”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”,”Five little monkeys” and a song to encourage children to eat more vegetables  called “ the vegetable song”.  We continued the week with a very fun gym class where we used a colorful tent which allowed us to do some exercises like jumping up and down while practicing the colors. Since the weather has been so cold, we decided to cancel our Thursday excursion, instead we did several games and activities. Captains were divided into small groups, the older ones did arts and crafts practicing with scissors while the youngest captains played and practiced the colors and animals using flashcards and toys, we also joined the baking of some delicious buns that later on we ate in our snack. We also had the Birthday celebration one of beloved Captains who turned two this week. The Captains sang and danced to celebrate the birthday. As you know our theme of the month is Asia and last week the celebrated the Chinese New Year. This week we visited Japan therefore we ended the week coloring some drawings with Japanese trees. Besides with had another gym class as well as our popular open mic. Since the low temperatures have not allowed us to go to the park some days, the gymnastics classes and dance did the children good.

The Skippers started the week with a trip to Liisanpuistikko where we had some free play time and then played some guided games all together! During the week Skipper’s have earned so many reward pearls from nice wors and acts to friends. On Tuesday we had muskari where we continued our winter themed songs and games. On culture Wednesday we travelled to Japan in our airplane game! We spoke about Japanese cultures and traditions, one of those being sushi! We had ninja gymnastics and we did some Japanese themed arts and crafts. First we coloured ninja pictures and Japanese flags, then it got a bit more technical, when we made our own artsy sushi plates! On Thursday we had Open Mic and baked some semla buns! They were super delicious! On Friday we ended the week with a super fun trip; sledging in Kaisaniemi park.

Many of the open-minded Sailors are big fans of Japanese cuisine and culture, therefore right after celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Ox, we sailed across the East China Sea to the neighbour Japan, another country in Far East that is both modern and traditional. We viewed together a guide book brought by a Sailor for tourists about Japan that is always one of the best destinations for travellers from around the world to embrace profound Oriental culture, history, hospitality and wisdom. We also had a very careful look at the amazing photos provided by two families: bamboo grove and  geishas taken in the nostalgic old capital Kyoto, cherry blossom festival and Senso-ji Temple taken in the modern capital Tokyo, a beautiful view of a mountain range, Sushi cuisine and a Sailor playing with Japanese chopsticks at the age of 7 months. We highly appreciated the efforts that Japanese people have been tirelessly making for preserving their heritages very well so that we could still experience them nowadays: hundreds of years old (if not thousands) castles, temples, shrines, gardens, paintings, chiyogami, origami, kimono, ceremonies, cuisine etc. As we wished we made our own 3D paper craft Carp Streamers after seeing carp fish hanging outside the Japanese restaurant next to Liisanpuistikko. We also invented the Sumo game in which we wrestle against each other with pillows stuck underneath the vest. Inspired by traditional Japanese games, we practised bouncing a tennis ball with the racket. Since many of us are huge fans of Sushi and salmon fish, we prepared and enjoyed Maki, Temaki and Nigiri and Miso soup at Wei’s Sushi bar with cucumber, carrot, avocado, cold smoked salmon, rainbow trout eggs, tuna, Sushi rice, Sushi nori, Japanese soy sauce, rice vinegar, Sushi ginger and even wasabi paste that we bravely smelt and tasted together. While freezing colourful ice bricks as a contribution to the castle that was under construction at Liisanpuistikko, we were already expecting the arrival of Spring. Therefore we painted our french window a beautiful view of Mount Fuji and great waves under blooming cherry blossoms and flying red-crowned cranes with Akita and Shiba Inu puppies enjoying Sushi. Besides Yo-yo Ma’s cello performances and the Opera “Madama Butterfly”, we also listened to about 70 traditional Japanese songs like “Sakura Sakura”, folk music, J-pop and certainly moving movie soundtracks of Studio Ghibli like “My Neighbour Totoro” through the week. We chose to sail to the biggest country in South Asia Subcontinent where the Taj Mahal is next week and surely would celebrate Kalevala Day!


 Kapteenit / Captains

Ma / Mon 22.2. Satutuokio/Storytime.

Ti / Tue 23.2. Musiikkituokio/ Music lesson

Ke / Wed 24.2. Jumppa/Gymnastics

To / Thu 25.2. Retki lähiympäristöön, lähtö puistosta klo. 9.30/ Field trip. We leave form park at 9:30

Pe / Fri 26.2. Open Mic!

Kipparit / Skippers

Ma / Mon 22.2. Retki. Lähtö 9.30/ Field trip. We leave at 9:30

Ti / Tue 23.2. Musiikkituokio

Ke / Wed 24.2. Kulttuurikeskiviikko: India/ Culture Wednesday: India

To / Thu 25.2. Temppurata/ Circuit course

Pe / Fri 26.2. Kalevalan päivä/ Kalevala’s day

Seilorit / The Sailors

Ma / Mon 22.2. Arts & Crafts.Retki.

Ti / Tue 23.2. Gymnastics.

Ke / Wed 24.2. Ice-skating, leaving at 9:30 am from the Park.

To / Thu 25.2. Exploring the World: India.

Pe / Fri 26.2. Kalevala Day and Project Work: Animals & Outer Space