Mini-Midis last week:

It’s time to make a new friend was our story for this week. We met the rabbit and a penguin coming from a different animal kingdom but eventually became friends against the odds. With the help of our midis, we listed down our friendship rules and everybody printed their thumb marks as agreed to follow the rules respectively. To practice more fine motor skills, the minis made a heart glued with white, pink and red papers. The midis made a friendship cloud where we wrote each children thoughts, why they are good friends with the other and they all answered because they all like to play with each other. They practiced their scissor and pen holding skills. The music class was fun and enjoyable. The children loves playing different instrument. The midis walked to the nearby city park and we enjoyed the sunshine on Thursday. We also baked some cookies which we will share on Monday for our Valentine’s day celebration. The baking session was captured by our midis where they happily practiced how to take photos using cellphone as part of our media week. For Monday, the children can dress a fancy attire for the Valentine’s day party.

Mini-Midis next week:

Mo 14.2: Valentine’s day disco and games

Tu 15.2: Arts and crafts

We 16.2: Music class

Thu 17.2 : Physical Education

Fri 18.2: Puzzles and board games day

Midi-Maxis last week:

Valentine’s Day preparation has been going on this week. We learned about the origin of Valentine’s Day. We sang the skidamarink song. We also discussed how we can celebrate Valentine’s day. We decided to make cards for friends as everybody is everyone’s friends in kindergarten.The children will give their cards to the randomly picked friends next Monday. Musakri day went well as usual. The children enjoyed the singing and musical instruments. On Thursday we took a long walk in the beautiful sunny morning in Thurmanin park. Seeing many ducks playing in the stream made it more exciting for the trip. P.E day we did more yoga, dodgeball, indoor games and exercises. We also decorated our classroom with painted hearts or glittery ones for Valentine’s day celebration on Monday. Children can bring their nice clothes for the celebration.

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 14.2: Valentines day celebration
Tu 15.2 Recycling projects
We 16.2: Muskari / Viskari; first Midi group 8.45 ;Viskari lesson 8.45 ; 9:30 maxi group music lesson
Thu 17.2: Trip day
Fri 18.2: Physical education

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team