The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

This week as the cold winter continued, we start to write a heart warm letters to our dearest friends and dropped them to Mailboxes that every group had made. We made a lot of Chinese crafts that was connected to Chinese New Year and the starting Year of the OX celebration. We got educated and explained the importance of Emergency hotline 112, and what to do and who to call if we are in an emergency. Love is in the air, love messages has been flying between groups, we expressed our admirations and caring through giving Valentine cards to each other. WaterStars had so much fun during the Valentine´s Day, playing party games and dancing. It was another amazing week.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine´s Day to all!


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

This week was definitely a sweet one! The little ones received mails from family, friends, and teachers. This gesture put a smile on our Waterlilies, so thank you so much for taking part in this activity. Another highlight of the week was 112 Day. Throughout the week, we not only discussed about why and when to dial this important emergency phone number, but also the Poliisileijona taught us daily valuable lessons: zebra crossing, the use of the helmet, seat belt, and traffic light. You are welcome to check more of Poliisilejona videos on Youtube.

Next week, we will start a new project, the Teacher of the Week. An email with a short description of the activity has been sent to Waterlilies parents, let us know if you have a question, concern or a comment. Have a weekend full of love and warm hugs!


The Reeds – Kaislat

This week has been very eventful with the Reeds. We made beautiful Chinese lanterns as grafts and learned what Chinese New Year looks like. We gave each Reed their own heart card where we wrote nice things that the Reeds said about each other. Reeds had friendship themed gym activities. We also had picture bingo through the whole kindergarten and the kids loved it! Through the week we had many laughs and fun times together.

Next week we will be exploring what kind of buildings are there in Asia. We will also explore different buildings here in our surroundings. Thank you for this week and see you on Monday!




The Water Stars – Vesitähdet

Mon/Ma Music, Introduction of India/Muskari, Intian esittely

Tue/Ti Shrove Tuesday, sledding/Laskisiatiistai, pulkkamäki

Wed/Ke Trip day Lastenlehdonpuisto/Retki Lastenlehdonpuistoon

Thu/To Preschool; Seikkailujen Eskari-kirja, Viskari

Fri/Pe Gym/Sisäliikuntaa


The Waterlilies – Lumpeet

Mon/Ma Teacher of the Week, Music/Viikon opettaja, Muskari

Tue/Ti  Shrove Tuesday, sledding/Laskisiatiistai, pulkkamäki

Wed/Ke Trip: Walk around Hesperia Puisto/Retki: kävely Hesperian puiston ympäri

Thu/To Gym: Winter games, Art: Winter craft/Liikunta: Talvileikit, Askartelussa. Talviaskartelu

Fri/Pe Outdoor play, play stations/Ulkoleikit ja leikkipisteet


The Reeds – Kaislat

Mon/Ma Muskari /Music session

Tue/Ti Askartelu: oma unelmatalo, aasialaiset rakennukset /Crafts: own dream house, Asian buildings

Wed/Ke Jumppa: voimistelu / Gym: gymnastics

Thu/To Retki: Helsinki valokuvasuunnistus, aasialaiset nähtävyydet / Trip: Helsinki photos, Asian attractions

Fri/Pe Vapaa leikki / Free play


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