Kulosaaren Ankkalampi – Duckies                                                       14.12 – 18.12.2020

Viikkokirje 51



On Monday, Minis read another story about Christmas and a helpful cat who thought that he should do all sorts of nice things for him to get some Christmas presents from Santa. The cat thought he didn’t get any presents, but in the end, he got so much more than he was hoping for. The much-awaited time of the year has come, and we decided that it is time to bake our gingerbread cookies! Our Minis carefully chose their own cookie-cutters with the thought that they will eat them all! On Wednesday, we wore red from head to toe! This was the day where we showcase our artistic side. We recorded a Christmas presentation that we will be sending to our parents. It was all fun and full of kids wanting to show their singing and dancing skills! After the presentation, our Minis got to eat gingerbread cookies and drink some juice, they so deserve it for a presentation well-done! We had Paula’s Christmas Music Circle, and everyone wore a red hat! We sang Christmas songs, danced, jumped and enjoyed the time to our hearts content! We also ate some Christmas meal, we had ham, turkey and some Finnish traditional casseroles! Delicious! Our week was already full packed and it was only Thursday! We decided to slow down a bit on Friday and take it easy. We had a play day, and we had a lot of fun! We didn’t need to be anywhere and be doing certain things but just being in the Duckies and being able to play with each other. It was indeed a relaxing and perfect way to end our busy and exciting week. For next week we will have winter-themed activities. The season is almost over, we hope you have had as much fun as we did throughout these times. Thank you for being part of our trip around the world, until next year!  Happy Holidays!!!


On Monday, Juuli lead our physical education through some dancing and different movements while listening to some Christmas songs, because why not? Holidays are coming and our Maxis are really excited about it! We baked gingerbread cookies and tasted some dough, we don’t bake and not taste the dough, right? It is almost like a tradition that we taste the dough every time we bake gingerbread cookies. We also decorated the cookies and made sure our Minis will have a hard time choosing which one they should take. We had a hard time, our artistic side showed through and it took us awhile to choose which one we should eat. Our Christmas presentation was full of fun and a couple of takes. Some of our Maxis were so excited and had so much energy to give during the presentation, which was nice. After the party we ate our gingerbread cookies and drunk some strawberry juice and it was the best part ever! We also celebrated one of our Maxis birthday and she brought us activities to do and the perfect treat. Whew! What a Wednesday! We had Paula’s Christmas music circle on Thursday, and we wore a red hat. We sung Christmas songs, we were jumping, twirling, swinging and more than anything else, we had lots of fun! We also got to taste some traditional Christmas Finnish food and we don’t even know where to start! Our week had been really busy and it was only Thursday, in order to calm our busy minds and bodies, we decided to have a playday and ended our week with slowing down and playing because we are so good at it! For next week, we will have winter themed activities. With the coming holidays we hope you also take time to relax and slow down. Thank you for being part of our season and for accompanying us on our trip around the world, until next year. Happy Holidays!!!



Ma/Mon 04.1 – Holiday stories to share

Ti/Tue 05.1 – Arts and Crafts/ Kädentaidot (self-portrait)

Ke/Wed 6.1 – Holiday (Daycare is closed!)

To/Thu 7.1 – Getting to know our surroundings

Pe/Fri 8.1 – Playday


Ma/Mon 4.1 – We will talk about our recent holiday

Ti/Tue 5.1– Arts and crafts (self-portrait)

Ke/Wed 6.1 – Holiday (Daycare is closed!)

To/Thu 7.1 – Getting to know our surroundings

Pe/Fri 8.1 – Playday 

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