MINIS’ last week:

This week we kept our own music class and listened to Christmas songs everyday while opening our calendar with little gifts for everyone inside. We painted our salt – dough decorations and been on two different trips – following the kids wish – to the park and to watch trains and Christmas trees around the city. Favourite activity was definitely baking gingerbreads and, of course, tasting them!

Minis’ next week:

14.12  Leikki- ja kulttuuripäivä / Play and culture day

15.12 Oma muskari / Own Music class

16.12 Tonttujumppa / Elf gym class

17.12  Retkipäivä / Trip day

18.12 Leikkipäivä / Play Day

MIDIS AND MAXIS last week:

The Christmas spirit is rising high. The Midi-Maxis made beautiful salt dough decoration which they worked on whole week. First making the salt dough shapes and letting them dry. After that we painted them. When the paint dried, we put some strings through so they can hang in the Christmas tree at home. Additionally, the Midi-Maxis made ‘pipareita’, which they then had after snack. We are still singing Christmas songs, some new ones and some familiar ones. To mix things up, we were silly enough to have a dance party with Spanish summer songs. Other then this we did lots of games, opened the Christmas calendar every day, had some P.E. and last but not least, a trip to Thurmanin park.

Midi-Maxis next week:

14.12 Arts and crafts

15.12 Own music class

16.12 Arts and crafts

17.12 P.E.

18.12 Trip