Minis last week:

This week we started welcoming the friendship month, February. We have a story about I am your friend which taught the kids how to be friendly and being nice to others. The older kids understood the value of friendship as we discussed how can we make friends at the daycare and how to treat each other in a friendly way. We finally met again our music teacher and we enjoyed the muskari while she played the piano and sang for us. We also learned new number and english songs. To develop the kids fine motor skills, they made their own runerbergin torttu made of card board, as they practiced cutting and painting. We have an indoor obstacle course and the tunnel was the favorite spot. The kids showed so much interest doing puzzles and they were the happiest after finishing one after another. We finish the week with a free day play as they get to play their favorite toys at the daycare with their best friends!

Minis next week:

Mo 7.2: Story time; Friendship

Tu 8.2: Arts and crafts

We 9.2: Music class

Thu 10.2 : Trip day

Fri 11.2 Baking day

Midi-Maxis last week:

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year! We made lovely Chinese Lanterns with glittery characters. “FU” means Happiness. We wish everyone good luck and happiness in the year of Tiger. We also learned about some Chinese New years traditions by watching some videos. Children also learned about the Chinese zodiac and did some zodiac animal bookmark colouring. First Muskari lesson went very well, children were singing and using different instruments. Viskari learned to trace Chinese Number 1-10 and recognize letter N. We had yoga, running and jumping jacks with midi friends, yoga and indoor dodge ball with viskari on Thursday. On Friday we took a trip to Hurtinginpuisto sledging, running up and down the small slope were good exercise for children and they had so much fun.

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 7.2:Preparation for Valentines day

Tu 8.2 Valentines Day card

We 9.2: Muskari / Viskari; first Midi group 8.45 ;Viskari lesson 8.45 ; 9:30 maxi group music lesson

Thu 10.2: Trip day

Fri 11.2: Physical education

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team