MIDIT: The week has started with a nice sledging time outdoors; more snow had surprised us during the weekend, so the weather was excellent to be outside! Sledging is an excellent way for the children to do sports, they practice their gross motor skills, their body balance and climbing skills, as well as listening & following the rules to ensure everyone´s safety and of course having lots of fun! On Tuesday we welcomed some of the minis to start little by little the transition to the midis group and we got to know each other through playing and having fun together in our cosy room. The week has continued with the weekly music session where children had learnt a snowman song, also they had an exciting snowman game while playing some music instruments around. Our duckies feel very special when they get to bring their little task at home to show it to mommy and daddy, so this session was a good one for them for sure! We have continued the week finishing our polar bear project through a very nice-looking collage which is now decorating our midis space. Children pasted very nicely different textiles to the bear to make sure we get the most real bear possible and made an exciting collage in a winter landscape! On Friday we had spent our morning time with the minis again and we got to play together both outdoors and indoors to set up the group rules and start new relationships. Fridays are a great day for playing!


MAXIT: We continued with the Polar and Artic regions and weather theme for the month of February through our various fun daily pedagogical activities.

On Monday both the Viskari and Preschool group finished the Artic calendar during the craft activity. It was wonderful to see that the children were able to adopt their fine motor skills independently  to create this wonderful piece of art.

Tuesday saw the weekly walking trip take us to the sledding area for the Artic themed sports activity. All the children were able to confidently use their sleds and use their bodies to control and guide their sled. Of course they are not aware of the skills that are required  for this activity as they are all having so much fun.

During the Wednesday morning music session the children developed their awareness of rhythm in music using various maracas whilst the Preschool children continued with their ukulele lessons. Both groups also continued learning about the various temperatures within the 4 seasons and the Preschool group also learned the various sounds that the letter ‘E’ can make in the English language.

On Thursday the Preeschool had their Finnish lesson with Titti where she introduced the letter M to the children and discussed the issues that arise from friendships and conflict with friends. The Viskari had their word and letter activity whereby the children began to recognise the sounds of the first letters of words related to the weather. The activities were presented in a way that the children were able to explore and use their knowledge to link pictures, symbols and words together.

On Friday the preschool continued learning new English words that begin with the letter ‘E’ to develop their understanding of the various sounds this letter has. The letter M was also introduced to the children. The Viskari continued practicing counting artic animal pictures and writing the numbers correctly.

The other activities in the afternoons were watercolour painting, using playdough to create winter trees, Polar and Artic animal memory games and the revealing of the ice art. The children also sang the song about the Sealions and had plenty of outdoor and indoor free play time.


Ensi viikolla:


MON 07.02. Arts & Craft (penguin)

TUE 08.02. Play dough

WED 09.02. Music session (9-9:40am)

THU 10.02. Story time in English

FRI 11.02. Free play



MON 07.02. Craft – Create a moving Eskimo

TUE 08.02. Walking Trip with agility skills

WED 09.02. Music and Science

THU 10.02. Preschool Finish and Viskari English Literacy

FRI 11.02. Preschool English Linguistics and numeracy and  Viskari English numeracy



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