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Minit / Minis

Maanantai lähti käyntiin lumileikeillä ja sisälle siirryttäessä rauhoituimme kuuntelemaan satua ”Ruma ankanpoikanen”. Tiistaina temppuilimme temppuradan merkeissä. Temppuradalla harjoiteltiin taas tasapainoilua, heittoa, hyppyjä ja oman vuoron odottamista. Keskiviikkona musisoimme pitkästä aikaa muskarissa livenä Sarin kanssa. Lapset ottivat innoissaan muskari-Sarin vastaan! Loppuviikko meni kehittäen käsien hienomotoriikkaa muovailun ja sämpylöiden leivonnan parissa.

Minien suunnitelmat ensi viikolle / Minis’ plan for next week:

Ma/Mon: Ulkoleikit / Outdoor play

Ti/Tue:  Askartelua / Arts and crafts

Ke/Wed: Muskari 10:00-10:30 / Music lesson 10:00-10:30

To/Thu: Kiinalainen uusi vuosi / Chinese New Year celebration

Pe/Fri: Ystävänpäiväjuhlat / Valentine´s Day Party


Maxit / Maxis

The week has surprised us once again with lots of snow, so we were able to have a nice walking trip around the area, and also we had played in a close park together where there are little rocks to climb up. That is most likely one of the children’s favorite place to play! On Tuesday we had our regular viskari session where the oldest ones practiced their Finnish language skills through learning opposites and making comparisons, continuing sentences in different ways & playing junior alias. Meanwhile, our lovely four years old had a fun colorful monsters’ activity where they got to practice their oral motor skills while blowing paint all around the monster. The week has continued with the music class which was finally again in situ. Our duckies were excited to have their teacher back since the dynamics are funnier & easier to carry out with more space to move. On Thursday, the weather was so cold that decided to be outdoors only for a while where we had some games to keep active and warm, such as “the mirror”, “height”, “hide and seek” or “banana touch”. That day, we also got the visit from a previous daycare’s worker & everyone got very happy with that little surprise! The week has finished in a yummy mood baking Runebergin muffins to celebrate this traditional Finnish day.


Maxien suunnitelmat ensi viikolle / Maxis’ plan for next week:

Ma/Mon: Ulkoilua ja lasten toiveleikit / Outdoor play

Ti/Tue: Viskari / Viskari

Ke/Wed: Muskari 10:30-11:15 / Music lesson 10:30-11:15

To/Thu: Kiinalainen uusi vuosi / Chinese New Year celebration

Pe/Fri: Ystävänpäiväjuhlat / Valentine´s Day Party



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