Dear families,

this week was another fun and busy week full of excitement. We had many especial things going on. On Monday, we went to the opera, it was an amazing trip for everyone especially for the children. In the Opera a story of Swan Lake was read to the children, instrumental music was also played to them as well as the children playing different music instruments themselves followed by them dancing along. To finish the session, the children were lucky enough to build a small musical instrument made of cardboard, foil, rubber bands and paper. The Viskarit and Mestarit have started to make their Christmas arts and crafts. The Viskarit have started to make salt-dough Christmas tree ornament. The children have been practicing their Christmas songs as well. We have also celebrated Finland’s Independence Day. We were lucky to have two presidents and they were chosen with carefully supervised elections. The celebration was lovely. During that day children got to go on a virtual tour around the real Presidents Castle, they also had an official welcoming ceremony and during the morning various activity centers: dancing, coloring and Finnish forest animal recognition and orienteering activity around the downstairs of our unit.


Various activities were enjoyed by the Midi-maxis this week. One was the Christmas tree building/making using plastic cups and window painting done simultaneously. For that, the children not only developed their creativity but also practiced teamwork, sharing of the materials we had, and controlled hand movements and gentle handling of materials to complete their creation. The children also did a great job building the obstacle course themselves where they got to decide what equipment to use in our indoor gym session. In addition, the children had a blast when we celebrated Independence Day on Thursday. They came to the daycare with their party clothes on, listened to the national song of Finland and raised their glasses, practiced simple steps of waltz, and danced in pairs with their chosen dance music. We also had orienteering activity where they searched the rooms to look for five Finnish flags and five things Finland is known for such as sauna, Santa Claus village, reindeer, Aurora Borealis, and Karelian pie, and discussed these things to end the celebration.

We want to remind the parents to check your child’s outdoor clothing, making sure your child has appropriate winter clothes for outdoor activities. A great weekend to all!





Tue/Ti: Viskarit & Mestarit erikseen: lauluharjoitukset ja pieni jouluaskartelu/Viskaris & Mestaris separate Xmas song practise and small Xmas arts and crafts activity

Wed/Ke: Koko ryhmän retki Stockmannin satuikkunalle/ Whole group trip to see Stockmann fairy tale windows

Thu/To: Viskarit: Joulusatu ja tehtävä siihen liittyen/Christmas story + activity related to it/Mestarit: Seikkailujen Eskari/Preschool book activities

Fri/Pe: Viskarit: Suomekielinen tuokio/Finnish session, Mestarit: Englanninkielinen tuokio/English session



Mon/Ma: Daycare is closed

Tue/Ti: Trip to Stockmann Christmas window leaving 9:30

Wed/Ke: Christmas card making and story time in small groups

Thu/To: Animal yoga and music exercise

Fri/Pe: Play day – boardgames and beads (focusing on controlled movements of fingers)


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