Viikkokirje 47



The week started off with play day. Free-play hones our social skills. We learn how to take turns instead of taking toys from our friends, we learn how to play instead with what is available at the moment, how to interact and be considerate of each another. Tuesday was walk day. We went for a walk around the school and that was a bit of a challenge for our Minis, despite that,  they managed to walk all the way back and we couldn’t be more proud of them! Cold season is finally here to stay and so we made our own mittens and beanie for arts and crafts. We used water color to paint on it and yarn to decorate it. We think we’re the next famous designers in the making! Watch out for our names 2 decades from now! 😆 Nothing could be more exciting than Muskari. The highlight of our week was playing “Karhu Nukkuu” with Paula and popping hundreds of bubbles with joy and laughter! It is truly the highlight of our Minis’ week. To end our week, we had physical education and did some exercises to improve our motor skills. Most of our Minis are still practicing how to jump and land both feet on the ground. For a few who can actually do it, it is a fun day to jump, run around and practice ball-kicking while enjoying it and without even realizing it is actually helping their motor skills grow. We always love some learning through play activities, don’t we? That’s when we do more and learn more. We hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving to those who celebrated it! We will celebrate our Independence Day on Thursday and kids can wear something fitting for a ’’Presidential ball’’ if they want. We will start at 9.00 and the Minis will stay in for the whole morning since we will also have Muskari after that.  Enjoy your weekend and see you again on monkey Monday!


Ma/Mon 29.11. Playday/Leikkipäivä

Ti/Tue 30.11. Arts & Crafts/ Askartelu

Ke/Wed 01.12. Trip Day (We will leave at 9.30)

To/Thu 02.12. Muskari and Independence Day celebration (we will start at 9.00 kids can wear something formal/fancy or not- these are just suggestions)

Pe/Fri 03.12. Liikunta/ Physical Education



Viikko vierähti nopeasti leikkiessä! Maanantai alkoi ulkojumpalla. Tiistaina lähdettiin Risto Rytin puistoon. Huomasimme puiston lelulaatikoissa olevan lukot, jonka takia lapset saivatkin oivan hetken leikkiä toistensa kanssa. Leluton leikkikin oli kivaa! Keskiviikkona viskarit lähtivät ensimmäistä kertaa Mustikkamaan rannalle tutkimaan merivettä, hui! se oli jäätävän kylmää. Harjoittelemme Maxien kanssa liikennekäyttäytymistä loppuvuoden. Torstaina jammailtiin Paulan muskarissa suomirockin tahtiin. Perjantaina askartelimme adventtikynttilöitä eli ohjelmassa oli leikkaamista, liimaamista ja silkkipapereiden repimistä. Juhlimme myös puurojuhlaa lukemalla satua ja joulurunon.


Ma/Mon 29.11. Arts&Crafts

Ti/Tue 30.11 Story Time/ Satutuokio

Ke/Wed 1.12. Play Day

To/Thu 2.12. Muskari and Independence Day celebration (we will start at 9.00 kids can wear something formal/fancy or not- these are just suggestions)

Pe/Fri 3.12. Laiva on lastattu – opastus Helsingin kaupungin museolla (Lähtö 8.20/ we will leave at 8.20)


Viikko-ohjelma voi muuttua tarvittaessa. Weekly schedule can change if needed.

Terveisin / Greetings, Kulosaaren Ankkatiimi- Duckies Team, Puh./Phone: 050- 566 8049

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