Minis’ last week:

We started off this week by reading a story about Aino who was going on an exciting journey. Minis are practising concentration skills by sitting in the story-time-circle and are being praised for paying well attention and sitting criss-cross nicely. The following day we enjoyed painting the windows using sponges and stensils. As the November festivities have passed, we start to prepare our environment for Christmas. On Wednesday we enjoyed our Muskari class. Thursday was another exciting day for a trip to the park. We practise walking nicely in line while holding the rope and learn about traffic safety on the way. In the park Minis got the opportunity to slide, swing, run, climb as well as making ‘sand pizzas’. On our last day of the week we learned about emotions by using songs, cards and making funny facial expressions during the morning circle.

Minis’s next week:

Mo 22.11 Story time
Tu 23.11 Arts and crafts
We 24.11 Own music session (with Christmas songs!)
Thu 25.11 Trip
Fri 26.11 Porridge party (wearing pyjamas is allowed!)

Midi-Maxis last week:

This week we had our own creative story week. We discussed at the circle about the story characters, time, place and what happened. etc… On craft day, we made our own characters and also painted puppet theatre place. Viskari did some color, number and shapes recognition. We also started to sing some of the Christmas songs with children. On P.E day we had relaxing exercise; balloon volleyball, and obstacle course in small groups.

Midi-Maxis next week:

Mo 22.11 own puppet theater
Tu 23.11: Art & Craft
We 24.11 Own music session + Viskari
Thu 25.11 trip day
Fri 26.11: Porridge party (wearing pyjamas is allowed!)

Best regards,
The Kauniainen team