Mini`s had started the week by doing Christmas crafts on Monday. It was fun and exciting, and they had practiced the fine motor abilities by crunching the silk paper and glue it to the paper in which by the time the craft was ready it appeared to be a Christmas elf. Tuesday Mini´s had fun by doing gymnastics and they had practiced different positions and, they had also yoga. Yoga was also fun in which Mini´s they have practiced how to be calm and enjoy the peaceful moment. Wednesday we all started to practice the songs which will be presented during the children´s Christmas party. As we say, practice makes perfect. Thursday as our weekly plan trip, we decided to visit a new park close by. The name of the park is Kirjan puisto. Friday Mini´s continued to make crafts in which their fine motor skills are being tested and develop.



Midi´s were very excited on Monday as they had planned together with the educator a story about a red fox by the name of Piita. The Midi´s had created the story themselves together with the help of the educator in which they had also colored and cut pictures of a fox together with the fox´s friends which were a turtles and squirrels. Tuesday Midi´s did some art and crafts in which also they have been practicing their fine motor skills. They read the previous story and their task was to picture the story in their won head and by drawing it on paper. This allows the Midi´s to be creative and using their own imagination. Midi´s also have been taught animal names in English with the animal’s names and without.  This task was given as to activate their sense of remembering and focus. Wednesday, we started to practice our Christmas songs in which will be presents during our children´s Christmas party. The daily practice is a must and Midi´s are doing their utmost to remember and participate. Thursday, as we have our weekly trip, we have decided to visit a new park by the name of Kirja puisto. New playground and surroundings gave the Midi´s an opportunity to explore different place a bit further away from the kindergarten. Friday, Midi´s had some physical education in the park in which they have practiced different gross motor skills in the open air with fresh air around. It was fun and very enjoyable week.




This week has been filled with lots of fun and exciting activities with Maxis. Weather got colder but Maxis has maintained being active and playful. We started our week with our own music class. It has been wonderful to listen to songs and play with musical instruments.

We also had a nice morning trip to Liisanpuistikko. Maxis had fun together with friends running around, playing in the swing and witch game at the end was fun.

Time flies, so now we are continuing to practice our Christmas songs and start making Christmas decorations. In gymnastics we continued to move our bodies while listening to the beat of music. Through dancing, Maxis are able to develop their muscular strength, have better agility and it helps them to improve their coordination. Kids had also been eager to listen to the story “Goldilocks” and answer some questions related to the story.  Through the story “Molli ja Kumma” the Maxis were also able to complete tasks and learn more about emotions. It is important that they also know how to express themselves appropriately in different situations and with different people. On Sunday, we are celebrating the World Children´ Day and in remembrance for this day Maxis made arts and crafts with their very own hand cut outs and they designed it the way they want as a sign of their own expression. In the middle, they designed the earth using colored papers to show international togetherness and awareness among children. There is nothing more important than helping the kids smile and have fun!





Ma / Mon 20.11. Muskari & Small group activities

Ti / Tue 21.11. Gymnastics

Ke / Wed 22.11. Porridge party & Christmas songs practice

To / Thu 23.11. Trip day, leaving from the park 09:30

Pe / Fri 24.11. Arts & Crafts




Ma / Mon 20.11. Muskari & Small group activities

Ti / Tue 21.11. Arts & Crafts

Ke / Wed 22.11. Porridge party & Christmas songs practice

To / Thu 23.11. Trip day, leaving from the park 09:30

Pe / Fri 24.11. Yoga



Ma / Mon 20.11. Muskari

Ti / Tue 21.11. Trip to the library. Leaving at 9.00

Ke / Wed 22.11. Porridge Party!

To / Thu 23.11. Gymnastics for Maxis/ Viskaris club

Pe / Fri 24.11. Arts & Crafts





Iloista viikonloppua kaikille!

Kruununhaan Ankkalammen aikuiset


Have a nice weekend!

The Staff of Kruununhaka Ankkalampi-Duckies